Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Seep into Grace

When I seep into Grace, its like all my senses shift.  Its a perspective and a giving and an exhale...
Its one bath of waters I can sometimes forget to allow God to fill.
Boys fight over what colour of playdough belongs to them and I refuse to get out of the water.
I just finished reading Ann Voskamp's newest blog post and it reads Grace
My husband walks in with our oldest daughter, and he's playing loud rap music and its preaching the Gospel and the words I hear coming out are the feelings I steep my soul into.  Grace.
My husband leaves on missions in ten days and I pray Gods Grace.
As children act out of control after too much sugar and not enough calm.  I share Gods Grace as it pours out.
Overflow it into me God so it can pour out onto them.
Grace is where I hear Him.  Its where His voice is a whisper but its loudest for me.  Where my joy explodes and I feel at peace.
It leaves me with total respect, head over heels in love and fear of God.  He is so gracious.  I never want to misuse this Grace.  When I lay it down, all of it down and He pours out Grace brand new and it brings me back and I re-center.  A Mother works hard, and yet while a body aches from scrubbing baseboards and preparing for winter, a spirit can be at its most strength and most rest because of operating in Him and for Him.  Christ is my center.
Renewed. Refreshed.
Thank You Father for You're Grace.
Thank You for those who write continuously about Gods Grace.
Its timely, and a spot I wish to never move from.

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