Friday, April 29, 2011

Out of darkness...

‎2 Samuel 22:17-19 He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters. He rescued me from my powerful enemy, from my foes, who were too strong for me. They confronted me in the day of my disaster, but the LORD was my support. (NIV)

 There are days as a Christian, as any human on this earth, who have darker days.  Days that you struggle to make sense of anything. 

I had a dark time while pregnant with my third son.  Severe depression took over my body.  My mental state was scary, we had the Health Unit and Crisis' Teams over more than once.  I remember friends coming over vaugly and reading scripture and praying with me.  But its like a blur.  I felt as though I had lost my communication with God.  I would cry out for his love to rain down on me, but I would never give Him a chance.
Bitterness covered me like a moldy blanket that I didnt want to throw away.
But God got me through.. you know, that Hope we are always talking about.  Its awesome.

Last Autumn, as the leaves were changing from green to orange and red, the smell of fire places warming homes, pumpkins and crisp winds, I had a very frustrating time. I struggled a lot with questions, faith, and I really dislike not having it together in my walk.  When going through these darks times, even times I feel like Ive made a mistake, I have done something horribly wrong trusting Christ.  I am like a baby learning to walk all over again, holding Gods hands.  Learning to trust Him all over again. 
And my faith grew in leaps through it. 

This past week I have witnessed many testimonies of answered prayer...

We financially were expecting to have to pay hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees when payments were due to come out.  I woke up to find our .40 cents balance became over 400.00 from a deposit we didnt even know we were getting from my husbands place of employment.  Twenty minutes later, the payements were taken, including one cheque that we wrote over a month ago for a mere 3 dollars... one that would have cost us 40.00 at the least in overdraft fee's if it had bounced plus fees from the other payments coming out on the banks end and the business' end.   Praise God!  Gods timing is perfect.

Friends of ours had their car stollen.  And was recovered. Praise God!

Our Pastors car was robbed, but they got nothing more than two dollars. Praise God!

Other friends of ours had their power bar blow in their living room while they were sleeping.  This could have been deadly. Sparks roared when they discovered it later on.  Black burn marks evident.  But no fire started. Praise God!

A friend of mines daughter decided to push the screen back in their second floor window, my friend came running out, knowing that if her daughter fell forward she would never make it their in time to grab her.  Instead of falling forward, she was somehow pulled back in.  God did that Im sure of it.  Praise God.

My Mom finally recieved a job that is going to be perfect for her.  She has been waiting paitiently for God to provide her with the right job and it looks like this is the one.
Praise God.

Another friend of mine got approved for a co-op for a house for her and her family.  This will make it more financially stable for her and her child and spouse.  This will mean less stress. Praise God!

Such a love this is. 

 Prayer has been imbedded into all these situations.  These are answered prayers.  Prayers for friends and family, prayers for saftey, for God's amazing power to shine through situations.

And yet through all the amazing testimonies from the week, you can be sure that the enemy is trying to make me doubt God's power and love.  You can put your money on it that I have been tempted to look the other way, make excuses when I know flat out without a doubt God has had his hands on every single one of these situations and many more.

I let things and people get to me 

The enemy is working overtime in our house Im positive. 

God is stronger.  God gave me his Spirit ...therefore I am stronger than these attacks I feel may be presenting themselves because I have Him.

Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes” (Ephesians 6:11)

The devil can make our self esteem drop to 0 within seconds when we listen to him before listening to Holy Spirit within us and listening to what He has to say.   The more we get to know God the easier it is to hear His voice and understand what He thinks is best for us.  If we let the enemy discourage us and just give up, then the enemy wins. 

I am reminded of the song "Our God"
"If our God is for us, then who could ever stop us and if our God is with us, then what could stand against."

No words are more true. 

Eager to go Raw again.

Those of you who have known me for a few years, know Im flighty with my food choices.  LOL
Those of you who too know I have tried to do a raw food diet (vegan/vegetarian style) a few times, only to fail miserably, usually when I get pregnant and crave KFC's gravy of all things!!!!  And a Big Mac....mmmmmmm Big Macs (I need a towel)

But I have been running for weeks now, trying to watch what I eat and none of this weight is coming off.  It hasnt really gotten me discouraged but kinda frustrated when I try something on and say "man I thought this would look better today!" LOL

Today I was talking with someone about this and they told me how they do a raw diet.  Having tried it a few times before and actually enjoying it, I got excited that I really want to try it again. 

Something else, Im also have a sensitivity to a lot of vegetables and fruits when they are raw.  Carrots, celery, peaches, pears, apples, plums... is that it? I think thats it.  My mouth and throat get itchy. Its an intollerance to a protien that is in these fruits and veggies (and in birch tree's too I cant eat birch trees LOL), but when these fruits and veggies are cooked the protien is broken down and I can eat them!

And Im prone to canker sores so when I eat something like pineapple then my mouth breaks out very badly. (Thank goodness for Oil of Oregano)
I think this is a big reason as to why I also give up easily on the diet because I cant eat as much of a variety of foods as I could

Now, I have three children and a husband who loooove their ground beef and chicken.  So I know that I may not be able to go completly raw right away, we usually only buy enough food for meals and that way we cut on costs for food.  If I have to start buying different foods for myself, financially its probably not going to work right away until we work out a balance.

But I am pumped about it.   Even if I go half way there, it will make a difference I am sure.
Now if I can just get as pumped about not taking loads of cream in my coffee!!! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I found this song just recently by Susy Wills.  I just love it! So I had to pick up the guitar and do a little sing song. 

How simple it is to be a follower of Christ

This has been on my heart to make a blog post about this for a while, not exactically sure why, but I feel like God wants me to post this stuff so here it goes <3 

When I became a Christian after following different religions for about 7ish years of my life, I thought "jeez this is going to be hard. All these rules, this big HUUUGE boring book that Im going to have to read to try and understand... Im loosing control over my life.  I wont be able to do the things I want to do."  I struggled for a long time in my faith in Christ... not because its hard to love Him, I find it quite easy to love the living God who died for me and gave me His Spirit and everlasting life. 

I had a hard time for a while believing that Christ is the ONLY way to God, that its being a follower of Jesus that is giving us eternal life... I had a hard time with that.  But it is said much more than once through the Bible. 

Jesus says in John 14:6  (The Message version)

 "I am the Road, also the Truth, also the Life. No one gets to the Father apart from me. If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him. You've even seen him!"

also in Acts 4:12 (New International Version)

 "Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

The first few years in my walk with Christ - I have been a Christian for 6 years, were hard, I would hear a lot of things that would stick, but I may not have really chewed on them or tried to understand fully.   I had amazing Christian people around me willing to answer my questions and that was fantastic. 

The past I'd say 3 years have been my most amazing Christian years so far.  I WANT to read God's Word.  The words that are not just guidelines, but the words Holy Spirit spoke through these people, to teach us God's love.  There isnt a time that I read the Bible that I dont get something out of it now, because I am fully putting my trust in God that he is Truth.  Before it was so hard, I didnt trust Him.  Boy, what a difference it makes. To listen for Him as I am reading.  Its so awesome.

Someone once said to me "How can you go from a faith that is so fun looking, to a faith that you sit in Church and sing hymns and listen to some guy talk for an hour?  I couldnt do that.  No way."

My walk with Christ has been so not boring, its different every day.  I see God not only in Scripture, I see Him in everthing that grows from the earth, His creation He gave to us to take care of and enjoy.  I feel God in myself because He has given us Holy Spirit within us that gives us a power I still dont fully appreciate to the fullest in my opinion and I have been really praying that God will help me understand His Spirit more and more each day.  I hear Him when I hear His word spoken.  I feel Him tons during worship time, feel His Spirit pour over the Church with such a feeling of Love I have never felt anywhere else so strong.  I have heard Him in so many ways and could share many moments,  the way God speaks to us is so diverse. He speaks to us in ways that work perfect for us.  And when God speaks, you KNOW its God. 

And to be honest, people reading this who havent experienced God's Love to its fullest wont get it.  You want to experience it, start looking at your local Churches, find the one that is right for your needs as a follower of Jesus Christ.  You may need to go to one, or two , three or four till you find the one that you feel at home in.  It might be a hop skip and a jump from your home or across town.  Some Churches can be more traditional, or really up beat and vibrant, or somewhere in between.  The importance is to find the one that works for you and your family.  I think that surrounding yourself with people who also walk in faith is so important because you are going to have questions and if you dont have anyone to ask about them and even help you in your learning, then you may struggle in your walk with Christ as your Saviour.  

Being a Christian isnt hard, and it isnt throwing your "fun life away", heard that one many times!  What have you got to loose really?  A life where you have a God who loves you so much, who died for you, wants to have a relationship with you constantly, to speak to you and allows you to speak to Him anytime!  All that is required is that you accept Him as your saviour and to walk a life that reflects His forgiving unfailing Love.  You dont have to understand everything, He'll show you everything He wants you to understand as time goes by.  His timing is perfect!  Im the furthest thing I think from being religious as I can be if that makes sense. Jesus is my Saviour. I am a follower of Christ.  Its a relationship. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Easter is coming, and I have been in complete awe of what Jesus did for all of us.  The fact that He became human, so He could come and die for us... to be prosecuted, spit on, ignored, laughed at, bullied, beaten, bloodied to a point that when hanging on the cross you would have to look a second time to see if He was human.... 
Gross I know, but thats the facts of Christs death.  Our pastor said it right when he said that the Passion of the Christ comes no where near to show what He went through... for all of us. 
To think, He thought of you, He thought of me, He thought of our children, our childrens children as he hung there on the cross.  To give us eternal life with Him. 
Now some may say thats insane, to believe in Jesus Christ. That some Churches, the people who claim themselves to be Christians, have so corrupted Christianity to make it what they want.
Some may say that the Bible has been so messed up and changed that you dont know what to believe.  I believe that the Bible gives us very very important teachings of Christ and His life, the words God spoke to people from the beginning of time.  Are there parts of the Bible missing?  I bet there is, but does that make me dismiss the whole thing, not a chance! I love reading my Bible, I love listening to the stories of the living God who chose to save the world no matter what mistakes we make. The teachings of unfailing, forgiving, love.  No matter what stupid things I do, or did.  He loves all of us.  We just need to trust Him in that. Fully. 
I was approached about believing in Holy Spirit recently, that it seems insane to believe God lives inside us.  But I tell you the first time you "get it"  its a moment you never forget.  To know that we have been given this amazing blessing from God, to have His Love living within us that is more powerful than any "good vibe".  That is more wall breaking than any protest will ever be.  I will never need a single tool in my home to reach this power of Christ. I do not need to find the proper source to get results. He is INSIDE me.  Holy Spirit was given to me the moment I asked Jesus into my heart! 

I wasnt a Christian my whole life, as a child I attended programs once a week, but we never attended Church regularily. As a teenager I left Christianity all together, went a total different route.  I would fight and fight for things to go the way I wanted too.  I found Christ as a Mother as I experienced the birth of my daughter, I "got" Him in that moment. But it was still a long process in getting to know Christ as a friend, and not just what I believed Christianity was.  I no longer had to fight and fight to have things go the way I wanted too. I give my desires to Christ, and let Him do what was best for me... and you know what. He has NEVER gone wrong.  I look back and just smile ear to ear in amazment. Our God is an Awesome God. To be able to just pray to Him anytime, anywhere and He hears me. 

While some people think following Jesus is too complicated.  Please hear me when I say how can showing Love to all, forgiving all, and following the one who died for You be complicated.  Dont think about the tithes and offerings right now, please dont look at the big huge massive Cathedrals right now or the corruption in the Church... the politics...just think about Christ and what he spoke.  What He did for you so you could have eternal life.  A freedom from all the hatred in this world.  If we all showed forgiveness to ALL, and loved ALL... do you think the world would be like it is today? 

I hope everyone's Easter is filled with revelation, blessings, good food and most importantly love.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A mossy day

Today was a quiet afternoon in our house, and the itch for gardening has been imbedded in my heart for a few days now, but our weather has left little to the imagination for doing any sort of gardening outdoors.  So we kept it indoors.  I started thinking terrariums. 

And I started thinking of all the moss growing outside... and how cute moss is.

Last year I got the notion and started a bit but never got very far into actually getting any done. Today my four year old son and I began playing with some mosses and jade plants. 

He is very excited to see this terrarium get greener and greener as the year goes by.  Moss grows quite slow, so it will be a process, and a lesson in paitience Im sure.

But he helped get it all together, even giving the terrarium its first water, and helping me decide where to put it.  We decided for the middle of the dining room table, where it will get lots of light, plus it is somewhere we will see it everyday.

Last summer I purchased the most itty bitty bottles off of etsy and wanted to use them to make terrarium earrings since I couldnt find anyone who sells them in Canada, and shipping live plants over the border, even if its the tiniest little thing is illegal.  So I figured I would do it myself.  Today I got four done, two are going to be earrings, and two more are going to be necklaces.  I know these will take a bit of time as well to look very green and lush. But they are going to be quite awesome I think.  Conversation pieces for sure!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This girl is onto something...

For the past six years I have had the honor to know a beautiful compassionate girl.  I gave birth to her in September of 2004 and she has taught me so much about life, and about God. 
My daughter has got something I have never seen before.  When she was a toddler she would run up to people and hug them when they looked down. It could be a complete stranger.  She has always wanted to share love, love to anyone who she figured needed it. 

Not a lot of people are like that.  They will ask "are you okay?" or "how are you" to hear a responce but not really wait for the person to maybe vent or cry.

But she takes such concern for people.  I remember in kindergarden her teacher would call out the names of people, and she would hear that someone was absent and she would be concerned for their well being.  "Are they sick? What are they sick with?  Are they going to be okay? Is there anything I can do??"

She cannot watch programs about hatred, anger, or sadness.  To watch a National Geographic show about animals even makes her uneasy. To see something, human or animal hurting or in trouble, fills her eyes with tears.  She cannot even watch Americas Funniest Home Videos because "people getting hurt isnt funny to me"

This girl also isnt afraid to share the love of Christ with people.  She has gone to neighbours who have been hurting and told them to come with her to Church and learn about Jesus.  She has done Show and Tell in her school and done songs about Jesus .  She will highlight in her Bible, she prays I think the hardest in our home. She has witness so many of her prayers answered.  Her faith grows everyday. She hurts for those who have no faith, who dont know Gods Love.  She will come to me with epiphanies about God, she talks about Him like a friend.  And she doesnt hold any of this in. 

She has zero tolerance for hate.  She feels bad for the innocent, and she feels worse for the guilty. 

And you know what breaks my heart, is the fact that adults in her life have smurked behind her back or critizied her about her sensitivity...she has been picked on at school.  Sometimes I have wanted to homeschool her, or put her in a Christian school... but I think she needs to be where she is.  I think she is going to change lives.  People, including Christians have been afraid for her because she is so out there with her faith.  One time putting another person in their place who was severley bashing her beliefs...did I mention she is six? 

"He says He is the way, NO ONE comes to the Father except through Him.  He loves us all so much, He's the easiest friend to have!" 

She knows Gods love on another level.  She wants everyone to know Christ's love.  And the power He gives us, right inside us, all the time.

I think she could very well help a lot of saddened people ... she will reach out more than I think I ever have.  She talks to people about her faith more than I ever have.  She doesnt have that fear I guess that I have developed over time. Persecution anyone?  She steps out of her comfort zone with it when she feels its needed. 

When her father and I were discussing names for her we both said automatically simuntaniously "Alexis" Her name means "Helper and Defender of mankind"

"Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. Truly I tell you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never enter it."  Luke 18: 16-17

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jesus warms our hearts..and our toes!

Today I prepared for my run. Itching to get out in Gods creation and praise Him while jogging, listening to the birds singing love songs, that still are not as sweet as the love songs Jesus has for each of us. 

It started to snow, and I began to debate wheather this would be another indoor cardio day, or if I should dare go out for the first time in my Vibrams in the snow..something I thought for sure wouldnt happen till at LEAST October LOL.  But it looked sooo beautiful outside, and I love to be outside.  So I knew as soon as my husband got in the door, I wanted to run!

So my husband came in, and he seen I had my running gear on.  And he handed me his watch so I could time my run as I usually do and I took off to do a little over a 2km run. 
Running down the street my toes were cold.  But not freezing, but kinda like standing on a cold basement floor almost.  About a km in I began to feel like I may not enjoy this run.  But it was so beautiful outside, I didnt want to turn back so we pressed on.  I used the time to pray, to focus on being in awe of all that the Lord has blessed us with- nature, family, friends.  I began to pray for all those who I have had on my heart.  My toes were no longer cold.  Its amazing how the things that trip us up can be untangled by the love of Christ.
It was so beautiful outside, quiet, crisp.  You could hear every bird chirping, see all sorts of different animal tracks out on the paths.  I cannot deny God's beauty when I see the things He made for us

Romans 1:19-20. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them. Ever since the creation of the world His eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things He has made.

To sing praises to Him as I run, to just talk to Him like I talk to a friend.  Best friend.  To worship Him as every blade of grass, and tree that sways does

Isaiah 55:12-13. The mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. All this will be a memorial for the Lord, a sign that for all time will not be cut off.

..............And we get the opportunity to do it every day!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am FREE!!!

Today has been such an awesome day of just praising and thanking Jesus for all that He has done for me and my family, the people we know, just how faithful He really is.  There have been so many times I have really doubted what He has planned for me as being something good.  But I am always in the end awe struck at just what His will is for me.  He is so so worthy of our praise.  And somedays we just have no idea. 

Easter is around the corner.  And its a time where the word Hope is thrown around alot. Praise God.  We have Hope in Jesus. 

I look back.  Back to when I was a teenager... drugs, sex, alcohol, selfishness, anger, the list could go on for ever.  The things I said, the frustration I had at the world, the darkness that surrounded my mind and heart daily. Freaking out because people are against people, yelling, protesting, complaining.  A little hipocritical to preach love and then get angry in one sentence, but that was me. Then I met Jesus. (That sounded a bit corney but there is not other way to explain it) It took a long time even after I gave my life to Christ to really get what that meant. When you view Christianity as a "religion" instead of a relationship, it can be easy to understand.

It wasnt about rules, it wasnt about what I was no longer allowed to do, about who was no longer going to be a friend of mine, who was going to think I was being totally "brainwashed" into a hope that isnt really there.  Its about meeting my best friend.  A saviour who is going to love me no matter what!! Through whatever stumbling blocks that come my way. Through the hard times and the good times.  There is a freedom, there is nothing but love, peace... a freedom that surpasses anything of this world.  We are all given the opportunity to bring Christ into our hearts and recieve the Holy Spirit. The same power that rose Christ from the dead!   

I came to realize, that no matter what was going on in the world, whatever hurting, anger, sadness, that Jesus is way bigger.  Our pastor said it clearly this morning "Every problem in the world can be solved by the name of Jesus".

The world has got this brilliant idea of no hate, loving one another, not judging, equalness for all and not just for someIsnt that what Christ is all about?   Im so thankful that it is.  Praise God.  I am so thankful we all have been given the right and privelidge of knowing the living God.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My fitness partner

So no Vibrams today.  :( 
The rain was coming down too hard when I was contemplating a run... and not a 7 km one like the last one (oops!), but my usual.  So I decided that I would use the YourShape-Fitness Evolved program for our XBox Kinect. I have used it quite a bit for weight training, but never really for cardio.  Im telling ya, I was sweating by the end of it.  Did 13 minutes of cardio then did our weights and then a cool down Zen class.  Took about a bit over a half hour. 

But my older children were upstairs playing and my youngest has been a bit clingy the past few days (teeth Im certain), so he was being a bit of an obstacle.  So he did it with me.  I nabbed my camera and took this pic of him and I on the menu on the game LOL.  If you could only had seen him trying to do the aerobics... he looks way better doing them than I do

Have a terrific blessed weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Big Sleepy Toddler Squishies

Today my son and I joined a friend and her son to the mall, before we left I figured I would nurse him, and he ended up falling asleep, so I carefully wrapped him up in his Natibaby Dandelion wrap which is just so snuggly and cuddly and he stayed asleep for a good two hours.  I got pictures before we went out the door.  Too precious not to share.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too far...Just too far

Today I had to wait till later on in the day to go for my barefoot run.  A time I get very excited for and have really been enjoying.  Its been a time of worship music, being out in nature, and a time to focus on renewing my strength. 
I have only been back out running a week outside, and usually have been running about 2-3 kms each time in about 16 minutes or so.  Its been good.  Today I decided I would try to go another km perhaps, trying to go slow and so I dont cause an injury to myself. 
Today I decided to keep truckin down the trail, past where I would normally turn off and see where it would go.  Well it kept going..and going... and going...  Finally an exit.  I get out and I end up in a community that is like a maze (I went through this last year somewhere else too) and I am like "Lord, please find me a way out".  I looked at the street sign up a head... it was a street I didnt think was anywhere near where I had ever been before.  I knew buses went that way, that much I did know!

The logical thing would have been to just turn around...

I dont think logically all the time.....

I ended up just a minute or so later finding another bike path which I knew would take me back down to the river, infact, it took me right back to where I would normally turn off.  "Thank You Jesus."

I got home, and google mapped my route... I ran 7.4 kms.  Thats tripple what I have been doing. Way more than I wanted too, although I did pace myself and take time to stretch my legs, it was still too far...just too far.  I got home in a little over 30 minutes, with the heart still pumpin checked my route and then laid on the floor exhausted.  My husband heard the story and said "I have no sympathy for you." as he laughed at me (all out of love) 

But hey! I can now say I ran 7 kms. .. although I dont know I would do it again for a while.  It was something I wanted to build up too. LOL

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Some of my "crunchy, green, local, upcycled and so on " favorite things.

I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite things.  Some I consider green products because of the way they are made (natural ingredients, upcycled, recycled, reuseable), some because of the fact that they are made local (London Ontario Canada), some because they are a more natural way of doing things.  These are all products I use and love, I am in no way being paid by these companies to use their products or to rave about them. This is just from the heart, good old braggin about the stuff I like :)

Kleen Kanteen-  I purchased a few of these a few years ago and our family really loves them.  They are a safe alternative to plastic and you can even get sippy cup attachements for them to let your younger children use them as well.  We take them everywhere.  They have a few more styles now too I see, insulated, and even one that is made completly of steel and bamboo, so absolutly no plastic!

Batty's Bath-  Im big on local buying.  And this gal has got the most yummy awesome natural, vegan, cruelty free bath and body products I have ever seen.  I had a home party here with her products and I must say I am so impressed. I have been itching to get to the market to get some more from her, but hubby says I have to use all of it up first before I go get more (party pooper eh!).  And its afforable too, which is right up my ally!!  It all smells soooo good and it all does what its supposed to do! She has a lot of different soaps- hemp, shea butter, olive oil, goats milk,  she has body butters, lip balms, deodorants, shampoos and conditioners, bubble baths, perfumes, body polishes and scrubs, even facial primer!! 

Spire Jewels- There is a wonderful inspiring woman here in London Ontario who has got a real talent of turning antique buttons into beautiful rings and earrings.  She makes amazing bracelets, and necklaces as well. And all of the proceeds go towards missions and projects in Rwanda.  She is starting to do home parties and you can also purchase Spire Jewels at Mesh in downtown London. I have a few peices, two rings and a really sweet bracelet (seen in picture), and have been saving my money to get some more!  A lady can never have enough jewlery I think.  :) 

  Ruby Dreamz-  A dear friend of mine started making these beautiful blankets. Again local, she creates the most sweetest cuddly blankets for her customers and they are always top notch quality. 
She does knot blankets, rag quilts and recieving blankets that are even big enough to swaddle larger babies.  They are warm, comfortable and beautiful.  They are also blankets worthy enough of passing down generation to generation.  Just like the mamma who makes them, they warm your heart!  

Diva Cup -  I dont know why more women dont use these. They are just awesome.  Okay dudes, plug your eyes, but the Diva Cup is a menstrual alternative to tampons and pads.  It is the only menstrual cup available in Canada by Health Canada. Its made of silicone, and is considered to be a "green" product because it is reusable, unlike tampons and pads that must be discarded and are not reuseable.  While it may sound gross to some people, while it may take a cycle or two to get really used to the whole process, I think in the end I would rather use one than have to use a pad, or use a tampon that can leave behind fibers and peices inside you after removing it (that cant be good right?)  Many women and thats me included, really feel it makes that time of the month much more enjoyable, in my opinion I sometimes even forget I have it.  Just a wonderful wonderful little thing it is.  :)

Hemp Seeds-  Okay a seed is a seed, but the word HEMP does seem a little green dont cha think ;) The benefits from eating hemp seeds is amazing. I got introduced to them about 4 years ago and they have been a staple in my house ever since.  Eating them isnt going to make you high LOL.Hemp seeds contain all the essential fatty and essential necessary to maintain a healthy life.  And it is the easiest digestible form of these acids.   Loaded with protein (16.5 grams per 50g serving thats a little over four table spoons), the list of what these little seeds has in them is outstanding.  They have a nutty taste.  we add them to our smoothies each morning and the smoothy fills us right up. 

Vibram FiveFingers - So I love to run barefoot.  However, I have always wanted a pair of Vibram FiveFingers and this year my hubby decided it was time he spoil me a little in the barefoot department and I picked up a pair of them for my barefoot running journeys.  I usually run on pavement, or on the bike trails, and I have hurt my toes only once by scraping them while tripping over my dog who decided to switch sides of me suddenly. LOL.  However, I have had close calls with glass on the sidewalks in our neighbourhood so I have been wanting some protection annnd  I  am a bit of a wimp when my feet are cold so I really am just loving having a pair of them. They still allow me to run barefoot style, but give my feet the protection I was desiring and keep my feet warmer on these cooler days.  And running without sneakers, and going barefoot, or using the Vibrams lets your body run NATURALLY! I picked up a pair of the Komodo style ones.  And they are lovley.  Just lovley. 

Oil of Oregano-  Ahhhh Oil of Oregano, how do I love you, let me count the ways.  Well, the one thing I love it for is that it is the first thing I have ever used that has actually healed and subdued my horrible canker sores I get.  I have tried everything there is, and this was the first and only product I have used that has healed them and helped with the pain, not just for a half hour, but until the canker sore is gone!  The stuff that oil of oregano can do is amazing.  We use it a lot in our home from acne, to flu, from headaches and dandruff.  Its just a doctor in a bottle really :)

Babywearing-  Babywearing has got to go on this list.  And since I am sharing my favorite products, I have to share with you a local mammas company Natural Mother Productions.  We were gifted ours and it is a great carrier!!!  Babywearing is a natural way of carrying your child and being able to be hands free.  Your child has a better view of whats going on around them when they are at that curious age, also you can breastfeed on the go (which we love to do still) and have snuggles even while in the grocery store.  And who can say no to that?! Seriously!  :)
And there are so many different types of babywearing carriers on the market- Ringslings, pouches, wraps, mei tais, pods, structured carriers, one for every parents preference.  And you can even make your own

Monday, April 11, 2011

Right in our own backyard

Save the Wooly Bear Catepillars! 
The kids and I took a journey to the park yesterday and as we were walking we started to discover that there were a few Wooly Bear catepillars that were crossing the bike path. So the kids decided it was the upmost importance to save them from being squished!  So they would paitiently wait until the catepillar would crawl up onto their hand and then they would guide it off into the grass.  Our youngest would go "OH NO!" unsure if this catepillar was a good thing or not on his sisters hand. 

Then we ventured off to the park and discovered a trail that went off into the bush and we decided we would see how far we could go with the wagon. Ofcourse, the first day I dont bring a baby carrier is the day we want to hike! LOL. 
We found just about a minute into the trail a bridge and part of the creek and the kids spent a half hour looking around, finding treasures and getting stuck in the mud. LOL.  It was an awesome time.  We seen some what we believe were Vultures in the sky and I kept joking that they were going to eat them for dinner.
I just keep discovering so much that I just adore about the nature around our home.  There is sooo many trails to explore, this year I know we are going to get a lot of hiking in for sure. Picnics, puddling, climbing, you name it.  Even places some people would be like "how can you see beauty in that creek, there is garbage everywhere."  But the smallest waterfall that is untainted can bring a smile to my face.  God leaves us little blessings all over the place.  And I always love to reflect and snap a picture of it.  I cannot wait to see what these places we have discovered look like when they green up in the summer. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

You are precious to me

Today I headed to Church with a bit of a struggle at hand.  It seems as though when I am able to put something on my mind aside that has been eating away, something occurs that brings it around again.  This week it was a phone call and a dream that really brought a desire in my heart back around and it made me uneasy about my emotions.  I felt it made me a bit more "weak" in a sense.  Never the less I headed to Church, hoping that I would be able to hear the Lord speak to me about my feelings.  In hopes some Scripture would really hit home.  Well it was much more than that today.  Praise God.
While singing I began to pray once again about unity and peace about this issue, about really being able to hear what God wants for my family, to be really able to understand what my position should be. What is Gods will for me.  The first song stopped, and the worship team began to play "You make all things, work together for my good."  I started to laugh out loud and I felt the Holy Spirit pour over me.  I began to cry as I lifted my arms in praise to our living God, the God who can hear our prayers, knows our hearts.  I have heard this song many times before but today, it hit home harder than ever. 
The guest pastor began to speak, and I knew God was speaking through him in that moment and I really understood that even if it was towards the entire congregation that gathers there each Sunday, God wanted to make sure I understood that it was also for me as an individual.  The Pastor spoke.  "You are precious to Him."  and "You need to lean on Him with not just your mind, but also your heart!"  I began to weep uncontrollably.  Tears were pouring out of my eyes, my nose was running, wheres a kleenex when you need it!
God, Your love NEVER fails.  God has got this whole situation under control.  I need to give it to Him with my heart, which I think is something I havent fully been able to do because I am afraid that what He wants may not be what I want.  The next song was " I Will Rise" and I havent heard that song in a long time, but when going through a deep depression while pregnant with my third child Zayden, God spoke to me through nature by showing me an Eagle far off in the distance, and reminding me of the scripture that has forever been close to my heart Isaiah 40:31 (NIV)

those who hope in the LORD
   will renew their strength.
They will soar on wings like eagles;
   they will run and not grow weary,
   they will walk and not be faint.

I didnt even know there were eagles in our area.  I had never ever seen one or really desired to see one.  It was such a gift from God.  Today
God was reminding me that He got me through that horrific time in my life, and He will get me through this struggle as well.  There was even mention of being "stuck in the mud." Something I only blogged about a few weeks ago. 

Our whole service was about peace and unity.  Two things I have been praying so hard for.  Amazing.  God is so amazing.  The emotions I had experienced in only a few hours today were unbelievable.  God hears us, He understands what is going on in our lives and wants to be there for us.   He will give us peace. 

 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” - John 16:33

Jesus wants me to walk in His peace.  There is nothing more I can do and nothing I can do less that will make Him love me any different.  I am precious to Him.  We are all precious to Him.  Praise God.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jesus Carries Me

Today my youngest son and I got to do some shopping.  I wore him on my back in our mei tai and while waiting for the bus I had the sweetest thought.  It was like Jesus was sayign to me "You know, while you are going through struggles, I carry you."  I started to laugh out loud as I envisioned Jesus carrying me in a baby carrier and I told my son Zayden  "Jesus babywears me you know. And you too!"  He giggled and hugged me and began to share his insight in his own toddler language. It was such a sweet moment.

Isaiah 40:11 (The Message)
Like a shepherd, he will care for his flock,
   gathering the lambs in his arms,
Hugging them as he carries them,
   leading the nursing ewes to good pasture.

Jesus wants us to be close to Him.  Not only when we are sad and in trouble, but all the time.  Jesus' arms will never get tired of carrying us and even though Jesus doesnt need to be "hands free" because He can take care of everyone at the same time, yet the sheer thought of Jesus "babywearing" me just put a huge smile on my face today I could not help but share. 

Barefoot running and praising

Its finally time to start running again, well jogging..slow jogging, outdoors in Gods creation.  I have 20 lbs to loose, to me thats a number thats so far proven its really hard to do.  But with Gods help Im going to do it.  Last year I was barefoot running three times a week.  I loved it and this year I am so thrilled to be able to do it again.  To feel the earth beneath my feet and to run the way God created my body to run.  Three days ago I went running with sneakers on and it nearly killed me.  I ran 3.6 kms but my legs and ankles hurt so bad when I got home.  I looked at my husband like "well thats dumb!" I have never had that kind of issue when running barefoot.  Yesterday it was sooo beautiful outside that I was able to kick the sneakers off and jog 2.8 km's...Well run and walk.  I didnt want to over do it. 

Regardless of what is on my feet though I have tried very hard to make my running about the Lord.  I make it a time for worship, for prayer, for praise.  Usuaully when I am running down busy streets during the day and there is a lot of noise, I put in headphones and crank worship music in my ears.  Singing along in my head, I have even caught myself with my hand raised up (cars must think I've lost my mind).  But when its quiet, its time for prayer, time to have a moment with God.  To tell Him the things on my heart and to give Him thanks for all He does in our lives.  To hear the birds chirping in the tree's, to spot a chipmunk munchin away on something on the side of the path.  To watch the tree's sway and the clouds move over head.  To watch the river rush past me, faster than I could ever run.  Its all so beautiful.  And God created it for us!!!!!!!!!  To appreciate, to love and to take care of.  Even down to the moss that I cant help but rub my toes on because it just feels so great.