Thursday, April 21, 2011


Easter is coming, and I have been in complete awe of what Jesus did for all of us.  The fact that He became human, so He could come and die for us... to be prosecuted, spit on, ignored, laughed at, bullied, beaten, bloodied to a point that when hanging on the cross you would have to look a second time to see if He was human.... 
Gross I know, but thats the facts of Christs death.  Our pastor said it right when he said that the Passion of the Christ comes no where near to show what He went through... for all of us. 
To think, He thought of you, He thought of me, He thought of our children, our childrens children as he hung there on the cross.  To give us eternal life with Him. 
Now some may say thats insane, to believe in Jesus Christ. That some Churches, the people who claim themselves to be Christians, have so corrupted Christianity to make it what they want.
Some may say that the Bible has been so messed up and changed that you dont know what to believe.  I believe that the Bible gives us very very important teachings of Christ and His life, the words God spoke to people from the beginning of time.  Are there parts of the Bible missing?  I bet there is, but does that make me dismiss the whole thing, not a chance! I love reading my Bible, I love listening to the stories of the living God who chose to save the world no matter what mistakes we make. The teachings of unfailing, forgiving, love.  No matter what stupid things I do, or did.  He loves all of us.  We just need to trust Him in that. Fully. 
I was approached about believing in Holy Spirit recently, that it seems insane to believe God lives inside us.  But I tell you the first time you "get it"  its a moment you never forget.  To know that we have been given this amazing blessing from God, to have His Love living within us that is more powerful than any "good vibe".  That is more wall breaking than any protest will ever be.  I will never need a single tool in my home to reach this power of Christ. I do not need to find the proper source to get results. He is INSIDE me.  Holy Spirit was given to me the moment I asked Jesus into my heart! 

I wasnt a Christian my whole life, as a child I attended programs once a week, but we never attended Church regularily. As a teenager I left Christianity all together, went a total different route.  I would fight and fight for things to go the way I wanted too.  I found Christ as a Mother as I experienced the birth of my daughter, I "got" Him in that moment. But it was still a long process in getting to know Christ as a friend, and not just what I believed Christianity was.  I no longer had to fight and fight to have things go the way I wanted too. I give my desires to Christ, and let Him do what was best for me... and you know what. He has NEVER gone wrong.  I look back and just smile ear to ear in amazment. Our God is an Awesome God. To be able to just pray to Him anytime, anywhere and He hears me. 

While some people think following Jesus is too complicated.  Please hear me when I say how can showing Love to all, forgiving all, and following the one who died for You be complicated.  Dont think about the tithes and offerings right now, please dont look at the big huge massive Cathedrals right now or the corruption in the Church... the politics...just think about Christ and what he spoke.  What He did for you so you could have eternal life.  A freedom from all the hatred in this world.  If we all showed forgiveness to ALL, and loved ALL... do you think the world would be like it is today? 

I hope everyone's Easter is filled with revelation, blessings, good food and most importantly love.

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