Friday, April 8, 2011

Jesus Carries Me

Today my youngest son and I got to do some shopping.  I wore him on my back in our mei tai and while waiting for the bus I had the sweetest thought.  It was like Jesus was sayign to me "You know, while you are going through struggles, I carry you."  I started to laugh out loud as I envisioned Jesus carrying me in a baby carrier and I told my son Zayden  "Jesus babywears me you know. And you too!"  He giggled and hugged me and began to share his insight in his own toddler language. It was such a sweet moment.

Isaiah 40:11 (The Message)
Like a shepherd, he will care for his flock,
   gathering the lambs in his arms,
Hugging them as he carries them,
   leading the nursing ewes to good pasture.

Jesus wants us to be close to Him.  Not only when we are sad and in trouble, but all the time.  Jesus' arms will never get tired of carrying us and even though Jesus doesnt need to be "hands free" because He can take care of everyone at the same time, yet the sheer thought of Jesus "babywearing" me just put a huge smile on my face today I could not help but share. 

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