Friday, April 8, 2011

Barefoot running and praising

Its finally time to start running again, well jogging..slow jogging, outdoors in Gods creation.  I have 20 lbs to loose, to me thats a number thats so far proven its really hard to do.  But with Gods help Im going to do it.  Last year I was barefoot running three times a week.  I loved it and this year I am so thrilled to be able to do it again.  To feel the earth beneath my feet and to run the way God created my body to run.  Three days ago I went running with sneakers on and it nearly killed me.  I ran 3.6 kms but my legs and ankles hurt so bad when I got home.  I looked at my husband like "well thats dumb!" I have never had that kind of issue when running barefoot.  Yesterday it was sooo beautiful outside that I was able to kick the sneakers off and jog 2.8 km's...Well run and walk.  I didnt want to over do it. 

Regardless of what is on my feet though I have tried very hard to make my running about the Lord.  I make it a time for worship, for prayer, for praise.  Usuaully when I am running down busy streets during the day and there is a lot of noise, I put in headphones and crank worship music in my ears.  Singing along in my head, I have even caught myself with my hand raised up (cars must think I've lost my mind).  But when its quiet, its time for prayer, time to have a moment with God.  To tell Him the things on my heart and to give Him thanks for all He does in our lives.  To hear the birds chirping in the tree's, to spot a chipmunk munchin away on something on the side of the path.  To watch the tree's sway and the clouds move over head.  To watch the river rush past me, faster than I could ever run.  Its all so beautiful.  And God created it for us!!!!!!!!!  To appreciate, to love and to take care of.  Even down to the moss that I cant help but rub my toes on because it just feels so great.  

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