Friday, April 29, 2011

Eager to go Raw again.

Those of you who have known me for a few years, know Im flighty with my food choices.  LOL
Those of you who too know I have tried to do a raw food diet (vegan/vegetarian style) a few times, only to fail miserably, usually when I get pregnant and crave KFC's gravy of all things!!!!  And a Big Mac....mmmmmmm Big Macs (I need a towel)

But I have been running for weeks now, trying to watch what I eat and none of this weight is coming off.  It hasnt really gotten me discouraged but kinda frustrated when I try something on and say "man I thought this would look better today!" LOL

Today I was talking with someone about this and they told me how they do a raw diet.  Having tried it a few times before and actually enjoying it, I got excited that I really want to try it again. 

Something else, Im also have a sensitivity to a lot of vegetables and fruits when they are raw.  Carrots, celery, peaches, pears, apples, plums... is that it? I think thats it.  My mouth and throat get itchy. Its an intollerance to a protien that is in these fruits and veggies (and in birch tree's too I cant eat birch trees LOL), but when these fruits and veggies are cooked the protien is broken down and I can eat them!

And Im prone to canker sores so when I eat something like pineapple then my mouth breaks out very badly. (Thank goodness for Oil of Oregano)
I think this is a big reason as to why I also give up easily on the diet because I cant eat as much of a variety of foods as I could

Now, I have three children and a husband who loooove their ground beef and chicken.  So I know that I may not be able to go completly raw right away, we usually only buy enough food for meals and that way we cut on costs for food.  If I have to start buying different foods for myself, financially its probably not going to work right away until we work out a balance.

But I am pumped about it.   Even if I go half way there, it will make a difference I am sure.
Now if I can just get as pumped about not taking loads of cream in my coffee!!! 

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