Sunday, April 17, 2011

I am FREE!!!

Today has been such an awesome day of just praising and thanking Jesus for all that He has done for me and my family, the people we know, just how faithful He really is.  There have been so many times I have really doubted what He has planned for me as being something good.  But I am always in the end awe struck at just what His will is for me.  He is so so worthy of our praise.  And somedays we just have no idea. 

Easter is around the corner.  And its a time where the word Hope is thrown around alot. Praise God.  We have Hope in Jesus. 

I look back.  Back to when I was a teenager... drugs, sex, alcohol, selfishness, anger, the list could go on for ever.  The things I said, the frustration I had at the world, the darkness that surrounded my mind and heart daily. Freaking out because people are against people, yelling, protesting, complaining.  A little hipocritical to preach love and then get angry in one sentence, but that was me. Then I met Jesus. (That sounded a bit corney but there is not other way to explain it) It took a long time even after I gave my life to Christ to really get what that meant. When you view Christianity as a "religion" instead of a relationship, it can be easy to understand.

It wasnt about rules, it wasnt about what I was no longer allowed to do, about who was no longer going to be a friend of mine, who was going to think I was being totally "brainwashed" into a hope that isnt really there.  Its about meeting my best friend.  A saviour who is going to love me no matter what!! Through whatever stumbling blocks that come my way. Through the hard times and the good times.  There is a freedom, there is nothing but love, peace... a freedom that surpasses anything of this world.  We are all given the opportunity to bring Christ into our hearts and recieve the Holy Spirit. The same power that rose Christ from the dead!   

I came to realize, that no matter what was going on in the world, whatever hurting, anger, sadness, that Jesus is way bigger.  Our pastor said it clearly this morning "Every problem in the world can be solved by the name of Jesus".

The world has got this brilliant idea of no hate, loving one another, not judging, equalness for all and not just for someIsnt that what Christ is all about?   Im so thankful that it is.  Praise God.  I am so thankful we all have been given the right and privelidge of knowing the living God.

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