Monday, April 11, 2011

Right in our own backyard

Save the Wooly Bear Catepillars! 
The kids and I took a journey to the park yesterday and as we were walking we started to discover that there were a few Wooly Bear catepillars that were crossing the bike path. So the kids decided it was the upmost importance to save them from being squished!  So they would paitiently wait until the catepillar would crawl up onto their hand and then they would guide it off into the grass.  Our youngest would go "OH NO!" unsure if this catepillar was a good thing or not on his sisters hand. 

Then we ventured off to the park and discovered a trail that went off into the bush and we decided we would see how far we could go with the wagon. Ofcourse, the first day I dont bring a baby carrier is the day we want to hike! LOL. 
We found just about a minute into the trail a bridge and part of the creek and the kids spent a half hour looking around, finding treasures and getting stuck in the mud. LOL.  It was an awesome time.  We seen some what we believe were Vultures in the sky and I kept joking that they were going to eat them for dinner.
I just keep discovering so much that I just adore about the nature around our home.  There is sooo many trails to explore, this year I know we are going to get a lot of hiking in for sure. Picnics, puddling, climbing, you name it.  Even places some people would be like "how can you see beauty in that creek, there is garbage everywhere."  But the smallest waterfall that is untainted can bring a smile to my face.  God leaves us little blessings all over the place.  And I always love to reflect and snap a picture of it.  I cannot wait to see what these places we have discovered look like when they green up in the summer. 

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