Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A mossy day

Today was a quiet afternoon in our house, and the itch for gardening has been imbedded in my heart for a few days now, but our weather has left little to the imagination for doing any sort of gardening outdoors.  So we kept it indoors.  I started thinking terrariums. 

And I started thinking of all the moss growing outside... and how cute moss is.

Last year I got the notion and started a bit but never got very far into actually getting any done. Today my four year old son and I began playing with some mosses and jade plants. 

He is very excited to see this terrarium get greener and greener as the year goes by.  Moss grows quite slow, so it will be a process, and a lesson in paitience Im sure.

But he helped get it all together, even giving the terrarium its first water, and helping me decide where to put it.  We decided for the middle of the dining room table, where it will get lots of light, plus it is somewhere we will see it everyday.

Last summer I purchased the most itty bitty bottles off of etsy and wanted to use them to make terrarium earrings since I couldnt find anyone who sells them in Canada, and shipping live plants over the border, even if its the tiniest little thing is illegal.  So I figured I would do it myself.  Today I got four done, two are going to be earrings, and two more are going to be necklaces.  I know these will take a bit of time as well to look very green and lush. But they are going to be quite awesome I think.  Conversation pieces for sure!

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