Saturday, April 16, 2011

My fitness partner

So no Vibrams today.  :( 
The rain was coming down too hard when I was contemplating a run... and not a 7 km one like the last one (oops!), but my usual.  So I decided that I would use the YourShape-Fitness Evolved program for our XBox Kinect. I have used it quite a bit for weight training, but never really for cardio.  Im telling ya, I was sweating by the end of it.  Did 13 minutes of cardio then did our weights and then a cool down Zen class.  Took about a bit over a half hour. 

But my older children were upstairs playing and my youngest has been a bit clingy the past few days (teeth Im certain), so he was being a bit of an obstacle.  So he did it with me.  I nabbed my camera and took this pic of him and I on the menu on the game LOL.  If you could only had seen him trying to do the aerobics... he looks way better doing them than I do

Have a terrific blessed weekend everyone!

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