Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too far...Just too far

Today I had to wait till later on in the day to go for my barefoot run.  A time I get very excited for and have really been enjoying.  Its been a time of worship music, being out in nature, and a time to focus on renewing my strength. 
I have only been back out running a week outside, and usually have been running about 2-3 kms each time in about 16 minutes or so.  Its been good.  Today I decided I would try to go another km perhaps, trying to go slow and so I dont cause an injury to myself. 
Today I decided to keep truckin down the trail, past where I would normally turn off and see where it would go.  Well it kept going..and going... and going...  Finally an exit.  I get out and I end up in a community that is like a maze (I went through this last year somewhere else too) and I am like "Lord, please find me a way out".  I looked at the street sign up a head... it was a street I didnt think was anywhere near where I had ever been before.  I knew buses went that way, that much I did know!

The logical thing would have been to just turn around...

I dont think logically all the time.....

I ended up just a minute or so later finding another bike path which I knew would take me back down to the river, infact, it took me right back to where I would normally turn off.  "Thank You Jesus."

I got home, and google mapped my route... I ran 7.4 kms.  Thats tripple what I have been doing. Way more than I wanted too, although I did pace myself and take time to stretch my legs, it was still too far...just too far.  I got home in a little over 30 minutes, with the heart still pumpin checked my route and then laid on the floor exhausted.  My husband heard the story and said "I have no sympathy for you." as he laughed at me (all out of love) 

But hey! I can now say I ran 7 kms. .. although I dont know I would do it again for a while.  It was something I wanted to build up too. LOL