Saturday, December 3, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts #317-339

...A day late, but heres my entry for Multitudes on Monday.  Whew! What a big big week full of surprises, blessings and gifts!

317-  Zayden being shocked and concerned about his pruney feet after being in the tub for an hour
318-  dental surgury that went extreemly well, bouncing back an hour after being home.  Kids are so resiliant! Thank you all for the prayers
319-  Revelations from God for friends
320-  colds dissapearing
321-  new creation!!!  children are a gift from the Lord...
322-  a new to us sofa.  Good bye fouton!
323-  purpose
324-  free ebooks
325-  a daughter, telling you ever so sweetly to pull her finger.... *sigh* then actually doing it LOL
326-  the words that come out of a childs mouth.  So unpredictable sometimes.
327- a child trying to mimmick his brothers breakdancing
328- Christmas carols out of the mouths of children
329- lights on a tree
330- 5am
331- a husband quitting smoking after almost 20 years
332- God holding our home in His hands
333- Us allowing God to hold our home in His hands
334- slow slow walks to church...winter boots and puddles
335- a child waking you up at 4:30 in the morning to tell you "oh my bum again" ROFL
336-  fresh snow falling at 3am when you're having one on one time with God
337- Asking God to assist in a matter and knowing full well He can and He will!
338- watching my friends take full faith in God, taking steps that most people wouldnt dare try to do because of fear, but trusting God in their lives fully and without doubt.  Go Marly Go!!! We love you guys!!
339-  tantrums at a friends house, a test in paitience, one I actually think I might have passed this time! LOL
340 - My kids- and a Merry Christmas moment. 


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