Tuesday, December 6, 2011

we are preparing for someone

God has entrusted us with something...

God has entrusted us with someone...

Who this someone is we dont quite know yet, and yet He does, inside and out.

While the snow falls outside and I lay in bed calm at 3am, God asks me to be still, and yet inside God is knitting together at a rapid pace a life.   Cells dividing, explosive creation at highspeed and yet all is calm and I am almost completly unaware. 

This tiny tiny child, knitted together within my body, so fragile, and God has entrusted me to carry this life. 

We left this decision to God months ago, if He wanted us to have another child, He would allow it to happen, and if He doesnt want us to have anymore, He could say no... He has said no for a while, at times I was outright frustrated with Him.  He would gently remind me that if we were to give this part of our lives to Him, we had to trust Him in it...fully.    His timing is always pefect, His plans are always right. 

Trust in the Lord has to be in all things, from conception to creation, month by month, midwives or obgyns, morning sickness or not, it all has to be given to Him who can ultimatly make the best decision for Mom, Dad and siblings and the wee child within.   God is holding our hands in this...all of this.  There can be joy and thanks in each moment.  Each and every moment.   Mary trusted the Lord in all these things with Jesus who she carried, month by month- our Lord and Saviour who we also prepare for the coming of during this season. 

We dont know what tomorrow holds, but I know that now holds the opportunity to trust that God knows whats right and we will give thanks continuously to Him, over and over moment by moment. To prepare and enjoy and have a multitude of gifts even in this one big event in our lives. 

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  1. Congratulations to you and your family! What a wonderful blessing from God and what a wonderful time of year to find out the news.