Monday, December 24, 2012

this baby...

God approaches when we don't expect.  He slips in in the tiniest of forms and yet is explosive, life transforming and amazing.  Indescribable is our King.

A Baby who came in, while Mothers cried for their sons, and Fathers grasped to understand.  A baby who came in while selfishness, greed, and hatred raged.  Love comes down and while its been said a million times, it will forever be said again and again.

No one knows how much He weighed but He would carry the weight of our sins on His shoulders.  It was finished before it started.

This baby who smelt like birth, fresh and new.  Mary breathed Him in as He was wrapped in cloth in the stink of her surroundings.  A new plan that was never new, it was decided upon before the first pages of the Bible said "In the beginning."   This baby,  who would raise with the scent of spikenard because before His hands would be pierced, His Spirit pierced the heart of a woman, and pierced the heart of all those so furious enough to have Him be nailed to a cross.

He touched every single person He came in contact with.  This King, came in the most humble way,  laid in a trough that was made of the very stones or branches He created, nursed by a woman He molded with His hands.

This King.  My Jesus.

Only He could consume the entire Universe with His presence, create billions of galaxies.  The mountains tremble and the oaks twist, and yet He became a cell and consumed a womb and burst forth for salvation for many.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours.

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