Monday, January 7, 2013

1000 gifts for 2013. Yes please

Last year was crazy.  2012 we saw impossible things happen, God move in His mighty ways, gentle ways, blunt ways... He's amazing

We started this year off rocky.  I'm going to really try to take the emphasis off me and put it on Him for the next year.  Our journeys with Christ are all so different.  He is going to take us all through some amazing things this year.  I want ALL the glory to be on Him.  Refreshed, jumping back into His springs of peace and joy and striving forward to make this year being in Him.  Never needing to call out loud for Him, just being still and knowing His Spirit is closer than I am to myself.  What an amazing God.
So I start refreshed, joining Ann and the many others counting to 1000 this year to our 1000 gifts.

Starting again at #1.  Gifts from the One.

1. long games of "war" with my daughter and husband.  Who knew a card game could go on for so long!
2. Cookie Monster songs with my 3 year old
3. An insane hunger for the words of Christ Himself.
4. Operating in the places God wants me to operate and doing it with His strength
5. Realizing just how insanely I need the Holy Spirit to guide my steps, words and thoughts,
6. Being tremendously honest with myself and others
7. Wrestling with the husband.  Laughing into hystarics
8. My son singing his version of Christmas songs
9. Our baby, sounding kinda like an excited dinosaur on the floor.  Learning to use her beautiful voice.  Children are such a gift
10.Not so perfect shots caught on camera.  Children who wont sit still.  Life constantly moving.  We can never capture it all
11. Cups of Chamomile tea with the kids at bedtime.  Quiet giggles
12. Stress... because it gives us an opportunity to fall into the arms of Love
13. ultrasounds from afar, watching a life within a life growing.
14. the messy amazing journey's God will take you on this year.
15. the messy amazing journey God will take me on this year
16. questions
17. letting the wee baby try some banana... nope not interested.
18. 2 Timothy 1:7-  needing a calm and well balanced mind- a goal for this year
19. triple rainbows in vivid dreams.  Scriptures given.
20 dance parties in the kitchen
21. new babies
22 Refusing to sing along, standing stubborn on a Sunday morning with so much anger.  God melting it allll away.  And just surrendering deep into Him
23. babies falling asleep on the floor.
24- butterscotch coffee.  Oh yes its happening
25- my oldest daughter mistaking pumpkin pie spice for cinnamon and making toast.  She says it was delicious
26- my three year old just making a sugar sandwich... that's not nutritious.
27- Baby trying so hard to be mobile.  She's figuring it out
28- Conversations about God with my husband.
29- Digging deeper


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today. I loved reading your list. Don't you just love how God works?