Thursday, January 10, 2013


what do you do when you feel God calling you from the center of your being, from the Spirit He deposited in you that there is going to be a "revival" within yourself?  There are curtains of thought, and curtains of doubt and curtains of anger and ego... but in the deep of yourself Holy Spirit stirs and says "watch"
When the most colourful dreams begin to happen as you slumber
When your eight year old daughter has visions. 
When all tradition, all effort to strive against the grain, splintering your being is called to stop.  To be still because its though the Spirit within that love spills forth and makes it effortless even when its hard.  
When things you never thought you would be excited for, make your spirit stir hard and tears flow and you want to dance.  Free.
When you read Jesus in a whole new angle.  Oh sweet Jesus....

How He has called us to an amazing journey.  
Holy Spirit dancing within, guiding, teaching.  

We need only to listen. 

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