Friday, May 31, 2013

Laughter from others - by Dylan Novakowski

Can't believe how broken and upset I feel. I am one of Gods children He made me new. 
I just got first hand last night that Christians are outsiders and get mocked at in this world. My friend bought me coffee tonight and he bought tents for camp day to support Tim Hortons kids camp.  He gave me a couple. So I thought in my mind I will put scripture on them. So on one I put Romans 1:16 and the other John 3:16. Well I got laughed at by the workers and they thought it was funny laughing and saying "ok holy one." Well that did not sit with me well at all and I did not say anything to them. But my friend said that was cool what I did and said "you know it is true that you are meant to preach the word and do missions and that was a good thing what you did."   I said thanks not realizing what he said and I have been thinking on it that at least the message was sent and they realized what scripture it was so I hope it sinks in and God can use it. God does use crooked sticks to make straight lines. 

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  1. You did right Dylan and I am proud of you, they may mock you now, but somewhere deep inside you planted a seed that no one can take away. Just watch I bet before this year is up one of them comes to you and asks which church you go to and ask to tag along...