Friday, August 3, 2012

Tehillah-Joy- Birth Story- August 1st 2012

She is finally here.  Fearfully and wonderfully made, and so wonderful.
This pregnancy was different.  Her birth was as well different from her three siblings.  I promised so many people her birth story so I figure this is a good of way as any.

July 28th I woke up and knew my body was preparing for birth.  I also had mild contractions during the day and night, so much that on the 29th at around 3:30 in the morning I was begging my husband not to go to work.  He assured me that he'd be back long before anything would happen as he was only going in for a few hours.  Sure enough he was right, the contractions eventually stopped and I was able to sleep.  However the next night again they began to pick up. These were not braxton hicks, these were painful.. and again I figured this was it.  I spent most the night sitting on a birthing ball doing hip circles.  They were seven minutes apart for the most part, then spread to 15 and eventually again stopped.  I was beginning to now see a trend I wasn't overly pleased with.  Two nights of no sleep and I was starting to get a bit worn out.
On the 31st I paged my midwife and her and my secondary were both unavailable due to other child births.  I spoke with another midwife who I explained my exhaustion and how my labour seemed to be starting and stalling and I was wondering if Tehillah's positioning was off.  She told me to come in and be checked.  I was 2 cm's dialated...and I was a bit discouraged.  Baby was fine and I was fine, I was ordered to go home and sleep so I did and when I woke up I felt much more refreshed and not so emotional.
On the 1st of August I went to see my midwife at 10:30, and sure enough she checked Tehillah's positioning and she was a bit curved.  I was up again that night with contractions and when she checked me I was 3cm's.  She asked me if I wanted a sweep to see if things would jump start again.  I never was so excited to hear that question.  I came home and my friend Carly and I went for a huge walk that I think took about 45 minutes to complete, out on the bike paths and streets in our neighbourhood.  I had a few twinges and such but no contractions.
At about 2:30 pm I started to notice contractions and while they were much like the ones before I kept telling myself this was it and started to walk around the house trying to keep vertical.  I washed the dishes and tidied, and at about 3pm I started to realize that the contractions were rather close together so I figured I best time them.  They were about 5-6 minutes apart and I decided to text my friend Dawn who was going to come be my doula/support for the labour and birth.  It was funny because I texted her "don't go to Toronto any time soon" as a joke, and it turns out she was leaving for Toronto the next day. I also had my husband call his Dad and step Mom to pick up our boys who were not interested on being at the birth.  They came within the half hour to pick them up for the night.  
Dawn showed up as well and the contractions were still the same.  I had to breathe through them, but I could laugh and joke, so I had not really thought of talking to my midwife at all yet.  At 3:45 I had two contractions that were 7 minutes apart and I started to get a bit doubtful.  Were they going to go away again?  Then they jumped to 3-4 minutes apart and I remember leaning over our computer desk timing them on my phone and after each one I would say "Im paging Sarah" (my midwife).  But after it was over I would say that I'd wait and see.  At about a quarter to five I told my husband and Dawn I wanted into the pool and they began to fill it up.  My daughter took pictures and was very excited.  I then paged Sarah at about five to five and she said she'd make a few phone calls then be on her way.
When she got here I was in the tub focusing on breathing.  Im not sure what time she arrived but when she checked my cervix I was at 5cm.  I was still able to talk and chat between without much fear of the next one.    She began to bring in the gear and see who was going to be my secondary midwife since my secondary was unable to come.  Turns out Annette who was the midwife I had seen the day before was on her way along with a student midwife also named Sarah.  They were all wonderful.  When they got to our house it was about ten after seven.  I don't know if at this point or not I was getting into more serious business, I know there came a point where I didnt know who was coming and going.  My Mother in Law and Pat had arrived, my friend Carly was there as well.  My daughter had gone outside at this point for a bit as seeing me in pain was something she needed a break from.  It was also around this point the ice cream truck came by playing its ice cream truck music and I said a few choice words about its timing ;)  Very annoying to hear Pop Goes the Weasle when you are in labour.  The contractions were hurting so bad and I wasn't sure what position I wanted to be in so I tried a few, and I made more noise then any of my other births.  I think I probably frightened the neighbours.  But it felt so good!!!
At about 8pm my midwife asked if I wanted to have my water broken or not since I had with the other ones. I decided I would have it done since I knew it can help it go faster and at this point I just wanted it to be over (Between arguing in my head to go to the hospital and "get the darn drugs" and begging God to just take the pain away because He is fully capable I was not a happy camper) apparently I have very strong membranes and we were not sure she even broke them. I felt pressure and I wanted to push, so I did small pushes with contractions and grunts.  I dont know how often I opened my eyes, answered anyone's questions.  I remember Dawn applying a cold cloth to my head and telling me to drink.  I remember hearing people telling me I was doing an amazing job and I remember hearing something about banana bread.
At 8:20 my midwife asked me if she could check me again to see how close I was to being 10cm's.  She checked me and told me there was just a bit of cervix covering the path and at 8:25 I think she helped move it.  I'm not sure.

With that it was on.  I felt the burn and I felt her come down fast and I thought "oh great how long do I have to deal with the burning ring of fire for.  I forgot how much this stings!!!"   Then all of a sudden her head came out.  I was told to stop pushing so the baby's body could be rotated just a touch and out popped Tehillah-Joy at 8:26.  She floated into the water and I remember seeing her big eyes looking as she was brought up out of the water and onto my chest.  She didn't cry but was so observant.  She was so calm.  They rubbed her a bit and she made some noise but was quite calm.  She was little compared to our others who were 9lbs-10lbs.  When the weighed her she came in at 7lbs 12 oz!  I guess London Ontario water is not as fattening as Ottawa Valley water! ;)
Things with four children is pretty fun.  Besides the hormone change and a bit of breastfeeding trouble we have been adjusting very well.  She looks so much like our son Tayven when he was a baby and he is very proud of this.  He has been telling us that she "looks just like me."   Zayden keeps rubbing her head and telling us she is "so ute!" (cute).  Alexis loves her little sister and holds her lots and lots.  Tehillah really likes to be held by her too and cuddles in.  It really makes Alexis feel special.  Today we got to wrap her up and take her for her first babywearing adventure.  We only went to the corner store and back but you have no idea how wonderful it is to be babywearing again!  So thrilled.  Dylan is such a proud Daddy, taking pictures of her on his phone all the time, holding her and talking to her about life.  Its so amazing.  God really blessed us with four amazing children.  I cannot thank Him enough.  


  1. :)) big happy smiles :)

    Your birth story is amazing and I'm so happy for all of you :) I csn't believe how much she looks like Tayven :) Alexis is going to be the best sister-mama ever :) Her and Tehillah will become so close :)

    Blessings to you and your family :)

    xoxo Tanya

  2. Amazing story! COngratulations Candace!!! And she really does look like Tayven! Magical!!!

  3. Lots of love from Church today got stopped for Telliah news before I even got in.. Love ya lots huge Hugs for all

  4. Such a beautiful birthing story! Congrats to all of you on the new arrival, enjoy every minute you get with her!!