Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Multitudes of Gifts 460-491

The atmosphere turns to misty breaths and sweaters are unfolded onto wee children as the sunrises and breakfast is created in a warm kitchen.  Warm coffee pours into deep mugs and sweetened with sugar and a laugh.  Autumn comes calling and children stuff backpacks with new shoes and lunches.  Each moment is a gift.  Some seen obvious and some you have to peel through some curiosity first.  My multitude of gifts continues a few days late but never the less is present each day

460- back to school for two children
461- new bus service
462- children trying to see their breath out in the cool of the morning
463- fog so thick around tree trunks
464- crochet completed, fall hats created
465- 8th birthdays celebrated
466- Gods reminder of trust in finances
467- six weeks old at 9 lbs 9 oz
468- warmer baby wraps pulled from closets
467- baby booties knitted and worn
468- handmedown powerwheels, a three year old smiles
469- making first ever pumpkin cinnamon rolls.
470- cream cheese icing 
471- pumpkin spice lattes...
472- ...everything pumpkin
473- cloth diapers so flouresent they make her legs glow LOL
474- a visit with my brother and sister in law.
475-  Western Fair.
476- roller coasters
477- cotton candy
478- coffee houses

479- late night prayer
480- praying for a baby far away.  heart breaking, hope rising, God working
481- rainbows over fun
482- final midwife appts, bittersweet and had to hold back tears as I boarded the bus home after saying goodbye
483- scented erasers- fascinated children
484- sunlight beaming through lace curtains.  Joy dancing through rays
485- "my pork chops not working"- Zayden
486- "I cant make water"- Zayden
488- long jeans skirts
489- Kisses from children
490- husbands hard work
491- a three year olds determination... while frustrating you gotta admit..could prove useful someday ;) 

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