Thursday, March 21, 2013

United we should stand.

Yesterday I quoted pope Francis and apparently this caused a stir. I'm not Catholic and while I don't understand enough about the Catholic faith I know some Catholics who are majorly in love with Jesus so I felt a bit upset when I had opposition to quoting the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church.
I just do not understand the big deal between all us ya know?
I understand there are some major differences but is it not Jesus who is the part we are not supposed to miss? I just feel so heart broken when I hear bashing of any denomination but since the Catholics have been in the spotlight more so lately I have heard and seen so much bad taste from other Christians I felt the need to pour out my heart on it. Jesus wanted a church body united. He didn't die for our denominations. He didn't die so we could be Pentecostal, Catholic, Mennonite, Baptist, etc. He died to unite His children, to be free from our sins and have the strength to keep away from them, and have us be His hands and feet.

There is so much talk lately on how the Catholic Church is flawed but are not every single denomination flawed because we are so split in the first place? What if we all decided to stop looking at the things "they" do wrong and started focusing on the One who is right about us all? It just pains me to hear criticism about one group or another and trust me I have been guilty of it too. I have been in the past very guilty of this. But lately it's unity that I can't get off my mind. Imagine what it would look like!! Imagine if we all took our strengths and battled together against the the enemy which is not the church down the road but Satan and his angels. Imagine!
Anyways , my tiny vent over. I love you all. Carry on.

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