Thursday, February 17, 2011

The first post

I cant come up with a name for this blog post so "the first post" will have to do. For those who know me, know Im never really at a loss for words so I promise the next titles will be much better.

I am a mother of four children, one has already gone home to be with God. I have three very creative, amazing children in my prescence - a girl who is 6, and two boys ages 3 (almost four, one more month!) and 2. I am married to a wonderful man, Dylan, who I have been with for almost 8 years!! Can you believe it!

Im a "Crunchy" mamma, I love nature, every tree, every carpet of moss underneath my toes. I am just so amazed at God's handywork. He has made the most amazing things!

This blog is to post about raising my children in a society that has much forgotten about Jesus, or closed the door on that, about teaching my children about Christ and about what He said in the Bible, about what its really all about. I have found over the years, its very easy to get guided down the wrong path, I have been guided down the wrong path many times in my life. I want my children to be prepared for if a fork in the road appears, they know without a doubt which way to go.

This blog is also to post about other fun things we as a family have discovered. It wont be an everyday post blog, maybe once a week or once every few weeks. I have struggled with being on the computer for long amounts of time, taking away from my family, friends and Lord and I dont want this blog to take away from these things, and if I ever find it does, you can bet your booties it will be removed :)

I also just have a hunger to share what the Lord places on my heart to anyone who wants to hear it! As long as they dont mind the occasional blog about an interesting flower or tree I just HAD to hug :)

So on that note, I welcome you readers to Barefoot Christian and Crunchy and I hope you enjoy your visit! :)

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