Saturday, February 26, 2011

"The disease called perfection". - A must read link!

I found this on another blog I subscribe too and it really touched my heart. 
I have struggled daily with this disease called perfection, not to the extreeme but enough that I would consider it a problem... I post this right after I spent 3 hours scrubbing my house top to bottom just incase anyone shows up..heaven forbid they see that a house of three children, two adults and a cat and a husky can get a tad bit unorganized.  Im not like this all the time, but there are times where the urge to have a perfect home is SO THERE, or to make sure that I look a certain way, etc  that its all a person can think about...thank God that no one can see inside my hall closets! Because when my house looks THAT clean, its all shoved somewhere LOL

This blog post is so important to read I think because NO ONE is perfect, even if we seem to think there are people that are.  We are all human, and we all struggle daily with something that is something we really shouldnt.  God thinks we are beautiful, loves us for who we ARE and not who we want to be

I add this, if we want to be like someone, we should be trying to be like Christ, because he was perfect, the only person who ever was, and the only person who ever will be. 

God bless and have a terrific weekend everyone!!!!!!!

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