Monday, October 24, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts #235-267

Things have been so busy in our household, with our family, church, friends.  There have been so many blessings but I wasnt keeping track.  Here are some in no particular order. 

235- pedicure days with a wonderful sister in Christ
236- hearing new music where God touches your heart
237- newborn babies
238- community outreaches
239- bbqs
240- bouncy castles
241- facepaint
242- laughter
244- Gods holiness
245- provision from Him
246- pouty boys
247- God stretching me, teaching me
248- bye bye facebook, putting God first above all else.  no idols.
249- being blessed with leftovers. 
250 Thanksgiving at my in laws
251-  reds, oranges, and yellows falling from the tree's.
252- celebraing the two year anniversary of the Sanctuary!
253- Front row seats for Cirque du Soleil Micheal Jackson's Immortal Tour with my husband, fantastic show, beautiful date night. 
254- play groups with awesome women!
255- misty fields in early morning
256- falling asleep praying, waking up in the middle of prayer, knowing that whatever was prayed for while sleeping God still heard
257- Nourish nights
258- youth conferences
259- late night chineese food with hubby
260-  baked goodies shared all around
261- surprises from Cryssy "YAY!"
262- laughing histarically in almost panic when the facepaint just wont wash off! LOL
263-  church family
264- more new babies!
265-  dying wool with smelling so good. 
266- broken crock pot
267- rainy day groceries

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