Sunday, October 30, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts 268- 284

There is joy in every day, every moment.  There is God moments everywhere, we just have to sometimes look harder than we want too.  This past week there were a lot of things going on, but there were still many moments of joy to mark down and share.  God is good all the time. 
I post this a few hours early, tomorrow is a busy day, that will no doubt be filled with joy and God's grace. 

268-  Zayden talking to himself through the oven window
269-  dragging sticks through puddles
270-  rearranging the livingroom
271-  rearranging it again
272-  the eyebrows of our two and a half year old raising and shifting, ever so adorable
273-  God answering prayer- saying "no" but understanding this is best
274-  terrifying news, but knowing that through Christ, we can take our prayers and requests through it to the Father and He can move with us for strength
275-  frost on the rooftops
276-  Zayden trying to get our husky to just -lay- down.  Hillarious
277-  God shifting and moving inside me.
278-  The book of John - if you havent read it in a while, read it and then read it again
279-  my right eye, possibly a detached retina, but I know God is good. 
280-  hot sauce on a banana...long story.
281-  jack-o-lanterns from school from Tayven
282-  dinner at Carly's
283-  lessons in paitience (I keep failing those!)
284-  conviction
285-  the humor of a four year old purposly tripping into the grass over and over again
286-  new knitted hats, mittens and scarves from Papa
287-  A guy juggling while riding a bike down Huron Street... so random, the kids LOVED it.
288-  a man giving my children a pile of helium balloons just because.  Random acts of kindness are awesome
289-  icecream sundaes... so delicious
290-  teaching my daughter learning to use a drop spindle
291-  the kids all in unison in our living room "Yes Jesus loves me"

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  1. Loved your thankful list! Kids bring such joy, don't they?!