Saturday, January 21, 2012

Craving Eden

I have laid in bed awake for the past three nights.  Im one of these types of people who will pray something out to God but at the same time act out a scenario of what ifs for that situation.  I have ADD prayers.  I need things to work out in my head, but latley they dont always so clearly.  Being still and knowing that God will show me the way is the way I end up eventually falling asleep.. but He has a lot to teach me about paitience too!  So here I write, while I should be sleeping!

You know when God places situations in your life when you think you are the one that is going to do the helping, then realize God has placed certain things in your life to help you? Just when I think I have it figured out enough that I can help someone else in their walk, God throws me a curve ball! LOL   This has been happening to me more and more latley as I am trying to grasp the fact that "if the Son sets you free, You are free indeed."  Free from what?  Sin? ofcourse!  But also Jesus came to break us free from all things that God didnt intend for us to have.  

So I have begun to really crave really just studying this amazing wonderful Jesus, God's Heart that has come down from heaven to say "look, I just want to be your best friend, your helper, your everything you need." 

Why do we as Christians (perhaps not all) not come to God like little children anymore?  Why did we have to make things so complicated! 

Why is it that we think we need to do things a certain way, by a certain belief system to reach God?  Ultimatly if Jesus was God, then God is the way.  So approaching God in love, thats His way is it not? 

Oooo how there is so much God has to teach me,  and I come to Him craving what He created in the first place- Eden, a place where it was just a relationship.  Hanging out with the Creator.  The Great I-Am.   Can you imagine, just knowing Gods presence is right there next to you?  Jesus came to basically say we can have that still... was He not?  God with us?  Holy Spirit?  Am I missing something?  I always thought Jesus' only reason for coming down was to save us from our sins... which He did and I am so thankful.  But the more and more I read I realize there was more that He did that I practically never catch... He came to free us from a lot more. He came to free us from ourselves I guess you can say.

 We can get caught up more on the approach than God at the other end.  I think this is where we miss the mark. 

Will this be something I can conclude as fact?  I have no idea my head is still spinning, and I know this is going to take more than a few Bible studies and talks with God to grasp.  Its going to be a process that I know only God is going to be able to provide answers for.  And God will, because God can.  God can achieve the impossible.  He does it all the time!


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