Wednesday, January 4, 2012

These He "cans" are becoming He "will's"

I sit back and reflect on 2011 and I realize just how huge 2011 was for us as a family.  So much happened, so much went on that its hard to even remember it all. 
My husband came to know Christ.  He is now following the Lord, praise God.  God is so worthy of praise.  This past year has been a real discovery of Gods holiness and how He can work in His people.  Its amazing, the prayers answered, the testimonies abroad.  The tears with God, the laughter, the late night conversations that seemed to come out of know where.  Waking up praying and not even sure what for.  His Spirit just flowing.  Watching my relationship with God grow, sometimes I wouldn't listen to Him.  There were moments in this past year God wasnt first. 
This year God has to be first, every single day.  It cant be about me, it has to be about Him. 
At church we are writing our "impossible" list... the list we are going to pray over the next year, and when we walk into church January 2nd 2013, we are going to hold up those lists and know that God answered prayer.  A few of the things that I have scribbled across the page is that God CAN give me a pregancy where I have energy, no depression and no morning sickness.  God CAN heal cancer.  God CAN bring loved ones to know Him.  Dispite having only part time income my husband CAN afford to go to Rwanda.  These cans, can turn into wills.  I am praying into it every moment of 2012. 

This year I want to be really raw with God.  I want to just seep into Him and just dwell in Him in every moment.  This year is going to be a big year!  My husband has plans to go on a missions trip in April to Rwanda, we are expecting another baby in the summer- that will be number 4!!-  My "Pat-in-law" (My Mother inlaws partner) will be continuing on for chemo and radiation for lung cancer.  We are praying and know that God can heal cancer and that cancer, while seems huge to us,  is NOTHING for Him to handle.  

Jeremiah 32:17
 Ah, Lord GOD! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.

This has to be the year that I get that... that I really grasp that this is true.  I mean, I have held onto this truth, but I mean, I need to do it moment by moment.   Day by day, everyday, through everything. 

This is the year to start declaring the promises God has for us.  To stop making assumptions and pressing in and knowing God does take care of His children. 

This year is going to be big.  But with God it wont be impossible. 

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