Saturday, July 7, 2012

The label has to point to Him...

This has been stirring in my heart for a few weeks.

I dont know how to let this flow, but I know that when I worship He flows through me.  When I am focused on Jesus, when I call upon His name, when He becomes my focus, things are perfect.  I have come to a point, when I am so very confident I never ever want to be identified as anything else than a child of God.

Its easy for people to become labeled.  I have been labeled as someone with depression, with anxiety.  I have been identified as a "libra", I have been identified as "barefoot gypsy mamma" a "babywearer" a "natural birth extended breastfeeding mom"...

How easy it is for someone to fall into a trap when they are diagnosed with something to feed constantly into the sickness.  When I was told I had PPD years ago, it was beyond easy enough to use that as an excuse to do nothing, and to feel sorry for myself.  To take it easy.  While yes I needed to heal... I also needed to remember that Jesus is my King.  I am a princess of God!  Now that should have put a smile on my face, but some people told me that only my "happy pills" were going to make me smile.  I began to identify myself as a person with an illness and not a conqueror in Christ.

It has been easy for me to be fed into societies opinion on whats important.  For years I figured because I was a "libra" I had to act a certain way so people would know "what my sign was".  Thats why I 'love to shop" ( I HATE SHOPPING!) 

How easy it could be because I am someone who enjoys nature, who loves to knit, felt and run around barefoot to fall into an image and feel guilty if I don't live up to it one day.  *Gasp* , if I don't wear a twirly long tie dye skirt one day would people think I was not truly a crunchy mamma? If I decided to stick my kid in a wagon one day instead of wearing him or her in a wrap, and seen a fellow babywearer... I would feel such frustration that I couldnt express I was a babywearer too.  Woe is me...

Im not saying that any of these things are wrong, these are my interests, and they are placed in my heart from God but I am starting to realize I dont nessesarily want these to be the parts of my life that everyone identifies me with at first glance. 

As a disciple of Christ my actions and words should represent Him THEN my hobbies etc.  Not the other way around. 

I heard a man say a few weeks ago to someone else "don't feed into this" (speaking on an illness).
That really stuck with me.

How much do even Christians feed into that isn't from God.  How much of the world do we attach to ourselves for ourselves?  Im not saying that all Christians need to look a certain way or whatever, Im not talking about modesty or fish net stockings here Im talking about how the world perceives us.  I think I am starting to realize how much more important it is for people to say "oh she loves Jesus."  Even if its in a sarcastic "I cant believe she's like that now" tone than it is for someone to say "oh shes a babywearer, breastfeeding mom, granola type girl."

This can even go as far as doctrine or denomination.  I dont want to even be labled by someone who goes to a specific church denomination or non denomination.  I just. dont. care.  what church you go too as long as you are following Jesus.  When people ask me what type of church do I go to I say "one that preached Jesus Christ."  And thats all there should be to it. 

The label has to point to Him for me.  Im so crazy in love with this God who decided to pour His love out for me, so why would I want to represent anything else more so than Him? 

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