Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And we do Advent for the first time

This is the first time I have ever even thought about doing Advent with my family.  Never before have I had the full out desire to do this in our home.  This year, I felt God really nudging me to dig right into it.  To explore it and take part in Advent.  To have Him as a focus this holiday season more than we ever have before in our home.   No matter how crazy it gets over the next weeks, the gifts, the red and green, the money, the Ho-Ho-Ho everywhere we go...

Jesus has to be the anticipation, Jesus has to be the center.

To celebrate the continuous love of God, with no beginning and no end.  To Seek God over the next weeks and to find Him wrapped in a manger, love shining for the entire world.  The first gift ever given.  God gave first, and we remember this. 

To have that hope in Christ, to renew it.  To have that joy in knowing we are His children!  Loved fully and adored!  To unfold the love that Jesus has for us, and celebrating the anticipation of His birth.  That little baby boy, spottless and blameless, without blemish, who would later be beaten, crucified... for you and for me.   This no greater love
We will sit nightly around our dinner table.  Bibles in hand (we will be using the scripture for each week found here )
waiting for God to speak to us through the pages of His Word.  Helping us to relive that moment in time when He came down to show us the way. 

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