Monday, November 21, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts #285- 300

Its in these tmes when we dont see exactically why God is allowing us to go through a struggle, or face sadder emotions that we must continue to write out our gifts.  They are everywhere.  God blesses us everyday.  Yet how fast we can forget even the things He shares with us moments afterwards. 

285-  making caramel apples and maple sugar fudge with the kids
286-  slumber parties in the livingroom
287-  a husband allowing Christmas lights up this early
288-  being stretched
289-  very thoughtful and random emails from friends.
290-  tears that flow down and then up to our Father who wipes them away
291-  cheesy cheesy laughter in unison- three children and a crazy Mother.
292-  a friend blowing a kiss through the window to cheer a cranky me (I did appreciate it Carly!)
293-  a surprise visit from my Godmother, cousin and her children.
294-  knitting nights
295-  much needed worship
296-  frost on the roof
297-  beyond excellent parent/teacher interviews.  A school year looking much better than the year before.  Thank You Lord
298-  12 new strings on the BC Rich.  Sounds beautiful. 
299-  worship flowing on the livingroom couch on a Sunday night, alone, just a girl and her guitar and the Holy Spirit
300-  Life Group-  what fun this is!


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