Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Can You Smell God?

This may sound silly to some, but it made me laugh and smile so hard last night I have to share this moment. 

God is everywhere.  He can make His presence known at the most random times.  It makes me laugh and be joyful because I know its just for me when He shows me huge things in the tiniest situations I could easily over look. 
Last night I was getting ready for bed and our three year old was in our bed.  I lifted him up to carry him, and as I did he stiffened his body, tense, then all of a sudden he cuddled in and inhaled and fell back asleep.  I got him into his bed and as I got my arms free and began to walk away I wondered to myself if he was inhaling so deep to smell me to see if I was Mom or Dad, or a stranger?  Was that inhale a reassurance without opening his eyes that he was in safe arms?  A newborn can smell breastmilk from a nursing mother, babies know from a very early age who their primary caregivers are.  I never really thought about it with older children, but the principal is still there.  Senses are a very powerful thing.  Then I thought about my Caregiver, my Lord and Saviour... Do I recognize God with scent?  Not so much with my nose, but in my heart and spirit.. when He moves I just KNOW its from Him, I just know He is working, teaching, healing, or carrying me closer to Him.  I laughed.  It sounded silly to me but at the same time it was so simple to recognize God in things, and if this was how God wanted me to get it, then it works for me in this moment and I gave Him a thankyou as I giggled.   
I wondered if I have latley just stopped in a "God moment" and just inhaled and said "Thats my God."  When God moves, the "scent" of Him should be more miraculous than anything else I look forward to experiencing- the smell of autumn, the smell of rain - God should give me goosebumps, that sense of awe every time.  The promises of God, His love, His armor, His Word, His grace, His correction, His teaching, guiding, these amazing gifts are something to inhale deep and just thrive on, to crave and to be so very thankful for.  Its a sense I should seek to dig deeper into again.  Something so simple, yet can bring so much peace to a tired Mom.


  1. I think he smells like chocolate.... or ice cream.... or chocolate ice cream.

  2. awesome , awesome. I think the most important thing is to take the time to "smell the smells". I think we rush through and sometimes forget to listen . We think God isnt speaking, but then He thinks were just not

  3. This post made me think of a dear friend...she once asked, on FB, if we ever wondered what God smelled like. ...looked like, felt like, yes...but smelled like??? But as I read your post, I realized what an intriguing thought it really is...and am thankful for your insight.


    (PS - I shared the link on her FB wall ;o)

  4. Thsi is just.perfect. I love how you describe it, that stopping and inhaling and remarking, "That's my God." Brilliant.