Monday, May 28, 2012

Multitudes of Gifts 402- 425

So much happens in seven days.  So much we can miss.  God showers us with blessings each day,  theses are ours from this past...

402- fevers breaking
403- a house filled with cousins, late night sleep overs
404- watching grown adults trying to wake the other up.  My husband lost that one LOL
405- a tiny earth made sandpit off our deck that kept the children filled with joy
406- Remnant teachers appreciation night. .. that was some delicious cake and a wonderful time with amazing people
407- bellies done in henna
408-being blessed with a garbage bag filled with cloth diapers for Tehillah.  For free
409- giftings of baby girl clothing
410- coconut oil.  I love you.  I smell like a macaroon
411- water bans and teaching the children how to conserve. 
412- clothes shopping with the fabulous miss Daisy. 
413- Last days visits with a friend moving away.  Coffee and laughs and heart to hearts (will miss you Tara!)
414- cheese cake stuffed strawberries.... oh yes please
415- late night on the back deck, a tea, a candle and the word of God.  God speaking whipsers through the trees and through that beautiful scripture- psalm 132:2-5.  Made me think all night
416- bedroom organizing
417- supporting my youngest sister as she takes on the American laws on bullying.  Wanting change and stricter rules. Go Carol Go!
418- till one am conversations at the dining room table about God. 
419- movie nights with the girls.
420- planning the kids summer vacation. 
421- cute adorable little baby sundresses
422- a dearest friends marvellous ultrasound.  8 weeks along and heart beat so strong.  God is good
423- teaching the little ones on Sunday.  How God can do anything.  Watching them all in their unique little ways taking His goodness in
424- dancing through the church very pregnant and eating a slice of pizza at 9am and not being looked at funny at all! LOL
425-  May thunderstorms
426- gardens snails all in a row.

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  1. Love love love late night conversations about God! Those are the most precious gifts ever. Blessings.