Monday, June 4, 2012

Multitudes of Gifts 426-445

This past week has been a week of renewal, bliss, joy, happiness, over and beyond what I asked for.  God gave me revelation and peace and laughter and I am so thankful for all that has gone on. Finding God's blessings in the simple and overlooked, having a peace that surpasses anything the world could give. 

426- summer plans falling into place for the kids
427- neighbours boy warming up to Dylan, wrestling matches in the early morning
428- insanly busy loud dinner times, God showing me things through it.
429- quick visits for icecream and hotwings at the inlaws
430- late night visit to the splash pad
431- Gods perfect plan laid out for each of us, each unique before the earth was even formed
432- Mark 10
433- snuggling a ten pound one month old baby. (which is a newborn for me lol)
434- false labour, trusting God through each moment as contractions were timed, midwives were called, and baths were had... only panicked for a slight moment.  Thank You Lord for allowing Tehillah to stay in there.
435- curry
436- witnessing and recording my cousin eating the hottest chicken wings she has ever encountered.  Then autotuning it with an app on my phone and laughing histarically.  That was a fun day
437- six years of marraige
438-  anniversary dinner and movie with my husband.  Fun hillarious evening.
439-  cake
440-Reading a new book that makes me get goosebumps, excited and joyful for Jesus.  Like hearing of Christ for the first time all over again
441-  Sleepless nights, thinking about God, excited, happy and thrilled.  Renewed revelations. Loving the journey
442-  Trying to convince our three year old our bed just isnt the cool place to sleep anymore.  Transition is hard, but even learning through this.
443-  Walks down in our neighbourhood paths with friends.  Encountering a deer and being totally thankful for the moment.  While people say we live in the "ghetto" of our city when I get out there all I see is peace and love and happiness.  Im home. 
444- Not overcomplicating or making Jesus a stressful thing. 
445- belly explosions.  I popped more than I thought I could pop! HA! 8 more weeks to go.


  1. Love love love 444 - not overcomplicating or making Jesus a stressful thing. My hearts cry today. I just want Jesus. Not the junk, stress or fear -- JUST JESUS! Blessings friend. Congrats on those 8 weeks to go~!

  2. So glad baby stayed in! Great list!