Saturday, June 2, 2012

Thankyou for six years...(for Dylan)

Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” Genesis 2:18

To Dylan
Six years ago today I took you as my husband. We've had ups and downs (and a lot of children! LOL), but God has always had a perfect plan for our lives and He reveals it to us daily as we walk this earth together.

Thankyou for being a providing loving husband who works hard and makes us laugh hard.  Thank you for being  yourself when the world wants to change you, when people come up against you.  Thank you for being my helper and thankyou for being an amazing father to our three children.  Thank you for also being willing to let me carry this "one more" that we have trusted God with that is growing in my womb. 

Thankyou for going to the store to get me frosters at 10pm. Thankyou for texting me first thing in the morning while at work to say good morning and that you love me.  Those little things and all the other things mean so much to me.

Thankyou for hugging me while Im having a hormonal meltdown over a silly commercial on tv.  Thankyou for listening to my rants and raves.  Thankyou for always pointing me to God when I dont know what to do.  You make Him so very uncomplicated and I appreciate you for that. 

Thankyou for being you, even when it means you are saying something that I would rather smack your arm in a "I cant believe you just said that way".  Thankyou for not trying to be a man you are not, because I fell inlove with you and I am happy you have always stayed you.

Plus you have a nice bum. And I guess I can thank your Mom and Dad for that ;)

Love always and forever
Your wife of six years,


  1. Spoken with true love of God and a loving wife. Wishing you many more Blessed years and Happiness. Love Vera

  2. that is such a lovely, right from the heart message. ♥♥♥