Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Break

March Break comes to an end and routines begin again.  We had the wonderful opportunity to go and visit family and friends in the town we raised our children up until we moved about a year and a half ago.
We got to spend a lot of time squishing the newest arrivals to our famiy, a pair of handsom twins who are now five months, smiling, cooing, and just all around squishy!!!

They were born at 27 weeks, and were extreemly tiny, in the hospital for a long time.  One thing after another, very fragile wee lads.  We got everyone we could think of to pray for them and God is so good and answered all of our prayers, and they are both now home with Mommy and Daddy, and are both about 13lbs and filled with joy (and gas LOL).  They are just the sweetest guys.  I could have squished them all day.  And I did as much as I could while we were visiting.

My children thought they were pretty squishable too.  My three year old would just rub their eyebrows so gently, and asked me if he could have one.  I told him he would have to talk to Daddy really nice for a baby since I think having more babies is the last thing on my husbands mind.  Our daughter just adores these boys and would just sit there with them and talk away at them and they would listen to her everyword when they were awake. If they were sleeping she would still remind us and them a lot that they were just the cutest things. 
Our youngest, well he liked them alright but after a while he wanted his Mom back and would make sure he was heard. He would be gazing at them and go "awwwww baby!" and then a few minutes later "No baby" 
Priceless.  Too sweet. 

We got to see a lot of family and friends, not everyone we wanted, but I think we did the best we could.  We got to visit the Church we attended there and it was so amazing to see everyone again.  We even got to attend a great concert there that night as well as well as spend an afternoon/evening with our Pastors family there and we all loved that. There was lots of kids and laughs and catching up.  Unfortunatly a few days into the trip we discovered my daughter had head lice.  Let me tell you that is an awquard phone call to make to all the people we knew she had close contact with.  We caught it just in time.  I keep thanking God so much for us checking her when we did because she only had one live one and under a dozen eggs, which if you have had to deal with headlice before know that that is nothing to what it can become and no one else ended up with it either.  So some plans had to be rearranged but it didnt make anything terribly miserable either. She did not appreciate having to have her hair combed through every day by any means, she would be a bit upset at the whole situation, but we kept reminding her that it could be a whole lot worse. 

The weather was excellent!  The kids got a great day of sledding and a good day of building snow castles outside my Mothers house.  Everyday had the "gotta be outside" vibe to it. It was just so great.

The ride coming back this past friday was not the greatest trip back. Our oldest and youngest both were car sick a bit and our middle child really did not want to be stuck in the car all day.  It was a bit rougher than going up but the roads were great and we made it home without any car troubles. Praise God. 
My Mom had the opporunity to come check out our new place of worship today and I think she had a good time. We had healing time during our worship and I think that was a real blessing for her as well as she struggles with physical pain everyday.  Now she has headed back home and I have been trying to keep the kids busy so they dont begin to realize that March Break has come to an end and school begins once again tomorrow morning.  Trying to get back into the routine of things, along with clock changes, its taking patience!
My husband did not come with us on this trip this time, he stayed behind and had a mini holiday for himself.  When we got home we discovered the sweetest gifts on the dining room table. He bought the children each a goldfish and they are just over the moon with happiness about these little dudes who have now been named "Iron Man" (orange one), "Hulk" (the multicoloured one) and "Sarah" (the brownish one).   I also got the most beauitful flowers that he picked out and put together himself, so I think that is pretty special. He's such a great guy.   I think he may have missed us just a tad, I bet the quiet week was a blessing though, he works so hard for us and never really gets a moment of quiet.  I know I sure missed him like crazy and the children jumped all over him when they got in the door. 
It was such a blessing to be able to go and visit everyone we did get to see, and we cant wait to see them all again, but it is also so wonderful to be home. 

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