Friday, March 25, 2011

A toothy milestone

A few days ago my daughter got one of her loose baby teeth stuck on her toothbrush.  It made it really loose and this scared her and made her really not wanting to go to school.  We convinced her that it was going to be okay.  The day went on and the tooth didnt fall out. She came home in tears.  Completly terrified with this new experience in her life.  That night I prayed with her about it and we talked about how God created our teeth this way so that we could eat more foods as a child, but get bigger teeth later that would fit our grown up head.  We kept telling her to just wiggle it, or leave it be, it would come out within the week.
The next day we sent her to school with more suitable foods for someone who was absolutly concerned with her tooth.  She wasnt interested in apples or things that could probably pop it out, but applesauce. So we rolled wtih that. The day after that (yesterday) was the same,  but by dinner she was so fed up with feeling so frightened and the really wiggly tooth causing her such inconvience she asked us to help her to finally get it out. By this time it was beyond loose enough and we tried for a while to get her to pull it out, but in the end Daddy went and got it, and now she is as happy as can be.  Now that she knows what to expect, the next tooth to come out wont be such a frightening experience.  I think sometimes adults can forget just how different the world can look in the eyes of a child. This was very evident in some of my attitudes towards this situation.  There were times I thought she was being absolutly foolish to feel this way. But she hadnt experienced this before, so there was nothing foolish about it.  It was probably downright terrifying at moments for her.  All us parents can do in situations like this I think is to show love, and remind our children of Gods love.

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