Thursday, March 3, 2011

and so the saga of raising boys officially begins...

Last night our youngest was the first in our bunch of children to have to go to the hospital to recieve stitches. 
It all happened at about 7:30 last night.
He came running into the kitchen (in the excitement once again over popcorn I might add), and I had turned around to talk to my husband, my son and I colided, sending him into a wall where he cracked his head in the entrance way of our kitchen.  I just held him so tight as he was screaming, I could feel blood and I figured maybe he knocked his mouth. My husband noticed where he was injured within seconds and ran to grab a washcloth off the counter and put it on his head and told me to hold it.  So now I have figured out that it was his forehead that was injured.  "Is it bad!" I cried. "Yes." my husband said.  "Does he need stitches?"  I freak out... my husbad replies "lemmie look..... .... yep I am pretty sure it does."
So he calls his Dad to see if he can come and take them to the hospital and they arrived at the hospital I'd say around 8:30ish.  He didnt get his stitches till after 2am.  We sure picked a busy night at the hospital to have an emergency. 

I still feel soooooo awful about it, I can replay and feel the moment in an instant and I just keep hugging him and appologizing.  I remember when he was in my arms screaming I cried out to God "Just dont let him be bothered by it, dont let him feel pain, take it from him I dont want him to be hurting anymore."  We got him dressed and I nursed him till my husbands Dad got to our house.  When they called from the hospital  I asked "Is he okay?"  and my husband was laughing and said "Yep. He's runnin around in here, laughing, playing like nothing is wrong!  The little stinker."  I truly and honestly believe that God did protect him from pain and fear while in that hospital!  He is such an awesome God capable of so much when we put our trust in Him!    If you had seen that gash in his head, I know if it were me there would be no way I would be calm and collected, running around playing, and laughing. 

So in one week he needs to go back in and have the stitches taken out, and until then we just have to keep an eye on it.  Hopefully everything goes well and his wound heals nicley.  I never thought he would be our first one in for stitches. I always figured it would be our middle child because he's a bit of a dare devil.  Accidents happen so fast, it was like "what on earth just happened here." Not even a moment to think.  I cried so hard, but everyone has been telling me that it was an accident, which I know it was, but you cant help but feel guilty. I am still appologizing even though he is running around like nothing happened.  Im just so greatful for my husbands Father and his wife and their kindess and helpfulness, the protection he had through the whole ordeal.  Thank You God! 


  1. The poor little guy (and his poor mom!!). So glad he's okay!

  2. Thank goodness he was okay. It always amazes me how strong our kids can be. BIG HUGS to all of you.
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