Sunday, March 27, 2011

Turning Four

Fantastic Four anyone? 

The 26th of March marks the
day I gave birth to my 10 pound 8 oz Tayven-Lorne   We celebrated with grandparents.  He has been waiting and waiting for his birthday. For almost two months he has been doing the countdown till he is four.  Three nights ago he slept over at his grandparents, said he was going to stay till his birthday but called bright and early the next day to have us come see him and then take him home because he was afraid he would miss his big day. 

But the day came, and he woke me up asking so quietly "Me four now?"  I tell him he is and the loudest most happiest Tayven voice shouts out "YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!"

This years birthday consisted of super heroes.  Lots of Iron Man.  Can I tell you how greatful everyone is that the Iron Man stuff is being clearanced everywhere to make room for Thor and Captain America this year?  It really has been just wonderful because we were able to get him the toys he has really wanted but for like half the price!  And Im glad we didnt pay full price for them because they just dont make toys like they used too.  He also got a set of 3D books, one on Dinosaurs and one on the Ocean..two things he loves.  The kids had a blast  playing with those.  Parents and Grandparents did as well. 

We had a terrific time.  The house was filled with family till after 9, people came and went and Tayven was very happy to be able to share his birthday with everyone.  Now he's begining a new year in his life with a smile on his face, and Iron Man in his hand LOL


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  1. Happy Happy Happy Birthday. Congradulations to your little man on turning 4. It is hard to belive that it has been 4 years already.