Thursday, May 19, 2011

Green Tea Smoothie

 Woke up this morning deciding I didnt want to start the day off with a huge tripple tripple coffee.  Thats no way to loose weight.  I have green tea, but Im not the hugest fan.  Laying there this morning thinking of how I was going to tackle this... really not wanting a caffeine headache I started to wonder if I could just add it to my smoothie. *duh* .  So I searched the web and found numerous recipies for green tea smoothies!  Hurray!!
So this is what I did, I brewed some Green Tea and stuck it in the freezer in a mug.  I tended to the children, made breakfast and lunches for them, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, and it wasnt long before my morning pick up was done and my tea was cold 

This is basically how I did mine, but you could do so many different things with it I bet and it would all taste great!
1 cup of blueberries
1 cup of yogurt give or take (I used the blue label pomegranate blueberry fat free yogurt from No Frills)
4 tsps hemp seeds
and enough of the green tea to blend it all up to a nice smoothy consistancy!

It was yummy! Try it! 

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