Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Today we celebrated Mothers Day in a laid back fashion as I was getting over a horrid 24 hour stomach bug that just didnt want me to get out of my home.  It started at 3pm yesterday afternoon and by the evening I was out of commission.  My stomach still feels achey from it, but praise God, I feel much better than 24 hours ago. 
My oldest woke me up to breakfast in bed, some toast and yogurt and a tall glass of water.  She tended to her younger brothers the best she could and they played upstairs till my husband got home from a quick shift at work. 
"Are we going to the worship center this morning?"  He asks me
"I really wish I could, but I dont want to bring this there."
"Wanna come downstairs and watch some tv with me?" 
"I'll try."

I read in my Bible for a while, did some study.  God is good!

 Later in the afternoon I started to gain enough strength to get outside with the kids. I stood there watching the neighbourhood so filled with life.  My youngest playing with bubbles, my daughter making paper crafts with her friends.  My four year old showing me the tricks he can do on his big wheel bike.  Watching them check out the ants on the sidewalk watching them work hard.  Finding a worm and being completly fascinated with it.  My youngest has taken an interest in birds latley, listening to the bird calls and then flapping his arms frantically imitating their flight.   Precious moments. Things they notice that are so simple, yet so astonishing. 

A wasp decided my bra would be a nice place to explore...I got stung twice.  That doesnt feel terrific.  Thank God for AfterBite.

Its really terrific to see all the kids interacting with eachother in our area.  Ofcourse there is the occasional argument but all in all the vibe from the children is good. 

It was hot today. So hot infact that was actually had an icecream truck come down our street. I was more excited at first I think than the kids.  It brought back memories of when I was growing up and the kid with the Dickie Dee would come by and sell ice cream to all of us.  I betcha he makes a fortune in the summer!!! 

The kids all picked what they wanted and we sat with our neighbours and talked and the children laughed at their blue faces, ice cream headaches and other random moments. 

Upstairs for baths, a quick dinner and then began the prayers of paitience as we are just finishing week one of trying to get our 27 month old to go to sleep without nursing.  It took an hour of coaxing.  He wasnt angry, but just not tired enough, wanted to play.  I got him hushed by listening to the robins outside. "Hey here that?  Listen.... she's saying night night Zayden time to go to sleep".  He would laugh and listen for the next sentence.  Blissfull. 

Dispite feeling sick and being attacked by a wasp (yes I said attacked, thats what it felt like LOL), the day was beautiful and I thank God for each moment. 

And I think back to all the moments I have shared with these three beautiful blessings from Christ and I think to myself "its been amazing."  They arent babies anymore.  They have been growing into amazing individuals since conception.  Amazing human beings. 

And I pause to think... they are only 6, 4 and 2... and its been such a journey so far and we havent been hiking long. 

We are going to go down wrong roads together, we are going to have to climb huge hills and slide down rocky mountains, but we will also be able to pause in the streams and play, lay in the grass and feel the warmth of the sun and go crazy in the forests in the morning, and we will give thanks to God in all circumstances.  Its going to be amazing....

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