Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Maybe His Love and His Mercy are Perfect..."

"so when we begin to argue with 'I wouldnt believe in a God who would..' who would what? do something you wouldnt do? or think in a way that is different than you wouldnt think? Have you ever considered the possibly the Creators sense of justice is actually more devloped than yours? Maybe His love & His mercy are perfect and you are the one that is flawed?" Francis Chan

This quote from Francis Chan in a video of his I found online just a few days ago has been circulating in my head since I first heard him say it.  I remember before I became a Christian these were the things I would try and say "Oh I couldnt ever believe in God because of..."... 

The more and more I study God, the more and more I realize I CAN trust Him and I dont HAVE to understand every little thing He does because His choices are always the best no matter if I think otherwise. 

Enjoy the sunshine my friends, she's a hot one out there today! 

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