Monday, August 8, 2011

multitudes of gifts #180-201

180- chineese food from down the street. SOOO GOOD
181- our two year old bringing me toys to play with in the bathtub.
182- patchwork quits on couches
183- my daughter and I planning a special dinner for the boys, candles, napkins, matching place settings (very rare event)
184- my husbands bruising on his broken foot practically gone.  The men prayed over his foot on Sunday. I truly believe that on Monday morning when we were examining his foot, that God heard those prayers and helped his foot feel and look so much better than it did.  Although I dont know he should really be playing basketball on it yet ;)
185- rain under big maple tree's
186- big huge fluffy clouds
187- roving dyed turquoise and green... spinning on a spindle on a cool summer afternoon
188- watercolours
189- pottery
190- free yarn and roving... such a kind gift to recieve!
191- Girl Guide cookies...Praise the Lord
192- watching the rain fall with Zayden quietly in the afternoon
193- New to us shelves, patio chairs and mugs
194- bike rides with the kids
195- wading pools and imagination
196- "There is not a person in this world that God cannot touch"
197- God moving in our house, showing us the path to take.
198- The children trying to wash all the crayon off the walls with out even being asked, showing a serving attitude
199- children dancing to make us laugh
200- my daughter making me a toe ring.  Very sweet. 
201- a husbands hunger for God.  Growing and growing

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