Wednesday, August 3, 2011

a concerned friend, "why just Jesus?"

The question "why" is what got me to become a Christian.  To dig deep, to get questions answered, I never wanted to settle for little knowledge of God, I crave to know more about Him each day.  I recieved an email from a friend, this friend expresses concern for my faith.  This friend knows me from before I was a Christian, knows a side of me that is no longer here.  I have been given permission to blog this and I thank my friend for this.  My friend writes- 

My wonderful Candace, I have been following your blog, everytime you get a new post up I read it.  Boy, you sure have changed from the girl I knew before.  What happened?  You used to think all Religions were the same, now you say you are 'clinging to Christ'.  Why do you put this stuff out there, have your opinions changed?  Clearly they have...but why?  What does Christianity have that the other faiths dont have that makes you dismiss them very boldley now.  You have offended me much on many accounts un-intentionally I know that of you.  You used to say such evil things about church, and now you are calling out for people to come.......  I am honstly waiting for you to blog a big "KIDDING!" at the end of some of these articles.  But you never do.   But I must ask why?  why?  -signed your friend <keeping annon. but feel free to blog, infact do, that way I can see that you are really all in it for Jesus>

Dear my friend, my wonderful friend.  Thankyou for asking me "why".  "Why" is a huge question.  "Why" is what has got me here.  "Why" is what has brought me to this Love for Christ, to give it all for Him.  Our home, He reigns.  This freedom, is all because of "why?"
Yes, I did used to believe that all faiths lead to the same God.  I truly did.  I dont know if you wanted me to get technical, or to just dance around my words into a whirlwind of praise for Christ and all He has done for my family since we put our faith fully only on Him ( and let me tell you, the change has been phenominal)
I dont know exactically when I clicked in and understood that all faiths cant be right. "God doesnt have an identity crisis" is something that I have quoted to myself over time and to others.  It sounds harsh to those who dont follow the same beliefs I do, and I dont know when I stopped trying to be careful with my words either to not hurt anyone.   I believe Jesus is the only way.  He calls us to love ALL, to put our trust in Him, the one who made us.  Sounds pretty straight forward, not too complicated.  I do not aim to offend people, infact I just want to inspire people to want to know about Him.  Thats what we are called to do. 
I am just thinking of how to describe it too you.  I have picked and pulled from relgions for so long... enlightened faiths, Wicca, black magic (oh those were some darker days)...

I think Im just going to have to let this reply flow...

There HAS to be a personal living God. He has spoken His wisdom to me, given me gifts, He has told me "yes."  He has told me "no".   He is not just some formless abstract thing..He is Christ.  He is personal with all of us.  Its the best relationship I have ever had, that my husband has ever had, my children will ever have.  He is our best friend.  We have spent quiet evenings together,  I have felt His presence.  Inhaled His Spirit in a moment of panic, and melted into calm.  We have put our whole lives in His hands.. our finances have never worked better,  our relationship has never been stronger, our house has never worked better.
I no longer see this world as a place that I need to escape suffering because one- I have a God who suffered much more than I ever will , and two-every trial and situation that has been put in my path has brought me closer to Him and He has used to such a purpose in our lives that was for good.  Even in the worst situations, there has been a freedom in the end, and thanks, and you know my past and the stuff I crawled through, and I still thank Him for that.  I never want to reach a Nirvana type state of life, because this means I would miss out in these moments when He makes His presense so known to me that I kneel, or raise my arms in praise, those surprise moments.  I know He is always present, but those tiny gifts he leaves around, or the thoughts He places at just the right time... how could I live without?... and I do long for Heaven, that Jesus died for me, that I only live once here, for such a short time and then I get to go be with Him forever!  To be able to experience that feeling permanently.  I dont have to work for my salvation.  It was my free gift when I said "Jesus, Im so Yours!"  I do not believe we can save ourselves because if that was the case we would refuse to have bad happen to us.  If we were 'gods' we would not allow negativity to creep in our selves.  It would be banned.  And its not.  World peace..would be here.  ages ago
I do believe in sin.  There is no way that I can sit here and look at the state that the world is in and say that human beings are not sinful beings.   I sin, daily, its a constant battle against myself.  I do believe in Gods grace, and His forgiveness for sin, I do believe that when we give our lives to Christ we are cleaned, and will be clean infront of God.  This doesnt mean we are to take advantage of this salvation, but to walk like Him.  And to try hard, not just half in. 
I do believe God is seperate from His creation.  I do not believe anymore that I can recieve special things from nature... tree's fall down, flowers wither and die.  This earth is rotting more or less.  Its beautiful though isnt it, the trees the acorns, the moss... I adore nature, I do really enjoy His creation.  His creation for us to enjoy.  I love to sit and listen to the grasses swaying, the tree's bending, the frogs singing, all praises to Him.  Jesus is forever alive.  God is eternal.  I will live forever because of Him.   I dont want my own power.  I want to glorify Him.  I want to make Him to be the one making things happen in our lives.  I want to be humble.  I dont want to be all prideful anymore.   I dont want to call on a handful of spirits to get the work done, I give it to HIM and HE always gets the work done, and He does it so gracefully and so percise.  I dont have to look in my little black book and figure out who Im going to call upon to get this job done... He can get it ALL done.  And He is a jealous God, He doesnt want us going to other things for answers, just Him.  Do you believe that the one who created you, would do what is best for you?  I sure do now! I've seen it. 
I do believe that the Bible is the one and only source of hearing Gods word.  I have written about this before and for the sake of time I wont get into it tonight.  I did a few posts back, Im sure you read it, but if not here is the link  But I do encourage you not to skim over certain parts, or to pick and choose what you want to hear.  Study it.  If you want to know who Jesus is, get into His word, check out a Church, get with like minded people.  Dont be afraid if your thoughts start to change, dont be afraid of loosing friends dont be afraid of anything that comes your way because when we put our lives in Christ, He's got our backs!  He never strikes out, He always hits homeruns for His.  I used to be so afraid of loosing friends, but then I realized, I dont want them to miss out on Jesus.  I didnt start quoting tons of scripture to you tonight because I dont know if you'd "get it" since you are not "in it".   But if you need me too,  I'd be more than happy.  Two that I'm  feeling the need to share are Galatians 5:13 and Colossians 3:16   
Thankyou for letting me blog with you tonight. I never want to offend,  I just want to share.      

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