Thursday, July 21, 2011

When God shows up unexpected...

I layed next to our two year old son, a nightly tradition in our home, its the way he falls asleep most content and I am happy to help him drift off to sleep. 
I dont know what got me thinking on the topics really, maybe God wanted to discuss things with me.  Usually I start the conversation with God in prayer but I got a stirring in my heart, so beautiful like a whirlwind.  I knew God was going to show me something, or renew something to me.  He was starting this conversation. Thoughts began to circulate and it flowed...

I feel for those who dont have You Lord, I feel for those I know who I know could be men and women who could change things, that could do amazing things for You..and the amazing things You could do for them.  But I cant debate all day with them all, I cant debate about if Your Son is the only way every moment of everyday and it seems this topic comes up over and over with the same people.  I know its not by works we are saved, but You say its by Your Grace that we are saved.  I wanna praise You in Heaven, I believe in Your Son. But what about those amazing people in my life who dont think Your Son is the only way?  Because they dont like some of the things You've commanded? They are good people...

I gave you My Son.  I GAVE them MY SON.  You are learning and reflecting and chewing on how Christ came to Earth, The LORD came to Earth to serve all.  Thats what He did, and continues to do. You are asked as well to serve.  Believe.  Jesus Christ is KING, LORD, your saviour... if you dont agree with it all, you need to trust that I have a better idea on how things should go than you do.  You are human. I am GOD.  I have a plan. 

Theres so much awful stuff going on in this world.

Theres so much war, pain, suffering, but does that change the end of the story?  Does that change the fact that I WIN?   That My purpose includes even these things?  That all will declare Jesus as Lord?  It doesnt change anything.  Even at the end of you ropes, it changes nothing.  I never change, the story wont change if 1000 wars happen.  Christ will return, and all who believe in Him as saviour will spend eternity filled with so much joy.   You are only here for such a short time, do you really not want to trust the one who can give you everlasting life?  Trusting Jesus as the only one who can save you and loving all people is what it comes down too... Is that too hard?
God people say to me that Your Word has gotten so corrupted by man, that we CANT hold it completley true and responsible anymore, it wouldnt be right. 

Do you think that the God, the God who created the galaxies and stars, the wind that flows and oceans that rise and fall would allow the people He created to corrupt it THAT much that it would be incapable of following for instruction. Do you think I would allow it to be messed up that bad that no one would come to accepting My Son? Do you REALLY think I would allow that to happen?  The Bible is your ONLY source to God, (my soul stirs so strong), you cannot pick and choose Bible verses to please you and disregard the rest.  You cant pull some from here, and believe from this book and another book... Its all right there, in those scriptures so Holy.  If you dont get it, study it, ask ME for help.  I will help You.  I want too, its not  inconveniencing Me.  I want you to know My voice. 

So Lord, what can I do, sometimes I feel like what I say never gets noticed

Pray, and never stop praying.  You know what it does, and trust that I got it, and will do amazing things through it.  Never be silent.  Never be silent about Christ.  You know people hear you, even if there is never a response.  My word will never be void, and will always do something even if you dont see it.  Trust that I am bigger than ignorance, that I am bigger than neglect.  I Am.

Its when my heart stirs like this that I get a glimpse of how amazing His presence feels.  To feel that for eternity is something I will never risk loosing.  To feel this permanently is somthing I long for, for not just glimpses randomly during worship, or unexpected moments of joy. For that constant feeling...

 it must be what Heaven will feel like. 



  1. Moments like these are awesome. Thanks for sharing yours. Your reflections are beautiful!

  2. Very inspiring! When I talk about having conversations with God people look at me like I'm crazy.. I wish I could explain it to them. Isn't it awesome when you KNOW you've been enlightened by His Spirit?

    Thanks for sharing this.. God bless!

  3. Thank you for sharing this I have no other words but thank you.

  4. "I want you to know My voice." Sadly too many of us don't. Thankful that He doesn't give up on us!

  5. Wow Absolutely powerful and so true. Thank you my friend.

    Happy TT. Rejoicing in His love today. Hugs, Lynn

  6. Thanks for sharing your personal conversation with God. I love how He addresses all our concerns with a singular idea of "Follow Me." I love how He provides us focus as a result.