Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mini Vacation

Things sure have been busy in our home.  This past week we did two trips into Toronto Ontario with the kids, and their Grandparents.  It was a lot of fun!  Still hard to believe we took all that in within two days. 

On Wednesday we had planned to go to the Toronto Zoo, but coming into the city it was pouring rain.  Our son Tayven has been asking for a year to go see Hippos.  It was very hard to tell him that we would have to wait one more day to go see them.  We hit the Ontario Science Centre instead.  It was a lot of fun!  I think they most enjoyed the Kidspark areas, although they found amazing areas in all sections.  They loved the Tornado maker as well.  Just in awe of all this science and how things work.  God is so complex, its phenominal.  The kids were amazed with everything.  Just sucking it all in, so excited to see what else there was. 

We drove back home, took our time and then got ready to do the Toronto Zoo the next day. 
We got there around 11am, and didnt leave till it nearly closed and we still didnt get to take it all in, but it was worth every penny!  Tayven, he finally got to see his Hippos!  Im telling you, it was such a fantastic moment!  He had just the greatest look on his face as he watched this big hippo play with a log in the water
My daughter was very excited to see the Girraffs and Cheetahs.  Our youngest was just in awe of everything!
The highlight of the zoo I think was Stingray bay, where you go in and get to pet stingrays and sharks.  The kids were so excited about this, we all thought it was really fun! Everyone got to touch more than one, even our youngest would be calling out "I get it, I get it." So determined to reach just a little lower (he was so soaked after it) then he'd touch one and he'd shout out "I DIT IT!" After seeing all the beautiful animals, we let the boys go on their pony rides, then our two oldest go on a camel ride, then we hit the splash pad with them for a cool down and headed home, thanking God for His beautiful creation, all these different species, and for everything that was put into place to experience these two amazing days. 


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