Sunday, July 10, 2011

World Peace?

Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth.  I did not come to bring peace but a sword.”  Jesus in Matthew 10:34

I love peace signs, I have always been one who is drawn to the idea of world peace, that everyone would come together in harmony and love, join hands across the world, no more war, no more hate.  This is all good, but the Bible makes it quite clear, this is NOT going to happen until Jesus returns...and thats after all the terror thats going to happen when the Holy Spirit leaves, the Spirit that is holding back the maximum evil of this world... yes, its because of Him that its not as bad as its going to get..

So whats a hippie mamma to do when she has this revelation brought to her.  I look at all the stuff, the paraphenalia I have, the groups I've joined, is it all useless?  Am I waisting my time?   Dont get me wrong, I think sharing love and peace with people is very important.   I think conservation for the Earth is important, taking care of our natural resources, the wildlife.  War, rape, abortion, I think are somethings we can very well do without... but, its only going to be GOD who is going to be able to fix all this, and sharing HIS message should be the only one we concern ourselves with. 

I mean wouldnt it all fall into place??? If everyone walked as Jesus walked, wouldn't there be peace?  Just love, treating everyone with love, complete forgiveness? 

And His word says we wont even have everyone on Earth doing that before stuff hits the fan, when Revelations becomes reality.

wont even be close

Basically the way I see it right now is, God says all this worldly peace we are fighting for , isnt going to happen.  All these organizations that are striving for it, this beautiful thing we call peace isnt going to happen. United Nations... is going to be meaningless. 
We need to be spreading His love, bringing people to His hope and not to the hope that one day every person is going to not be violent, the hope that people are going to stop blowing eachother up.  People need CHRIST.  You wanna see people stop killing eachother? You wanna see people stop making eachother cry in pain? Do you want to see the whole world fed? You want families to stay together through thick and thin?  Then you need to be shown Christ, and you need to show others Christ's love  His peace is the only peace that is gonna work for the long haul.   And if we want to see the earth at complete peace, then we need to follow Him now so we can be here when He rules it.  Its going to be amazing.  And while we wait, we have His peace in our hearts telling us its gonna happen.  We rest assured that He has got us covered.  Keeping us safe as this world falls apart.  Why are we as Christians (I too am guilty many times) NOT sharing His love... and tell people "This is Christs love.  This is how He loves you." 

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you ..." (John 14:27).

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  1. Excellent post! I am "crunchy" myself, and I often wonder what is the appropriate response to what the world calls "peace."

    However, this post reminded me that only God gives peace, and we can work to bring a holy peace by sharing Christ during the time we have.