Monday, July 18, 2011

multitudes of gifts #116-140

116- clothes drying on clothes lines, dryer broken
117- children playing "bus" with diningroom chairs and monopoly money, barganing the price
118- curtains opened, Gods sun beaming in the kitchen
119- the squeeking sound created by a washcloth cleaning a stove top.  God must have been giggling when He created that sound!!
120- husband throwing me into fits of laughter in the middle of my pitty party (Thank you Dylan)
121- stirfry
122- playing peek a boo with our two year old with the back door.
123- Homerun Derby's- Father and son watching contently
124- Feeling God's Spirit stirring up in our hearts... what is He upto now, what does He want to grab our attention with?
125- Venus Fly Traps- enough said
126- our childrens voices
127- An Iron Man toy in a childs hands, the sounds of rocket boots loud and clear
128- three children sitting at the top of the stairs conversing about random fun stuff, all getting along happily
129- toddlers falling to sleep randomly.
130- hubby making bacon and eggs
131- free swimming days at the pool
132- free morning camps
134- headlice - bonding time with mother and daughter. 
135- bus rides with friends for prenatal appointments, trying to find a Tim Hortons in the hospital LOL
136- cicaidas singing in the trees
137- clouds that look like sharks
138- Church with the kids at home- worship, crafts and the Word
139- picnics with the church at the park, games, food and fun
140- rearranging the livingroom


  1. Neat list the picture of the tike on the stairs! Too tired to climb...I feel that way too sometimes!

  2. Clothes drying on the line is on my list too. My dryer isn't broken but it's a great way to be outside and dry the clothes for free in the hot air.

    I also like the one about husband making bacon and eggs. Yum!

  3. LOL... love the photos! How sweet! I love it when my husband can make me laugh, just when I need it. That is a wonderful gift! I tried having a Venus Fly Trap a few times, but they would always die! I love rearranging! :)

  4. I keep threatening to put up a clothes line. Have been wanting one for a couple of years. Great list!

  5. I can feel the frenetic energy and activity in your home! What fun...and there's nothing like a good belly laugh to counteract a pity party. Speaking of belly laughs, the toddler sleeping on the steps reminds me of one of Garfield the Cat's nap attacks!

  6. lovin the stair picture! and the simple yet extravagant list of graces!

  7. Great list of gratitude. It is so fun to listen to childrens conversations! It is also fun to watch them play with action figures and the noises they make while flying them around. Have a great week!