Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitudes on Monday~$114 dollars from God

The laundry has been piling up over this past week with no dryer, and a washer who's spin cycle has lots its spin.  God has been faithful in all this.   I have been ever greatful for the lack of rain (dispite all lawns yellowed) because each day I have been able to get a few loads strung out on our makeshift clotheslines on our deck.  Our clothes have smelt like joy. 
We discovered a very wonderful deal for a new washer and dryer.  Payments we would be approved for, and that we could probably swing with some sacrifices.  It would be 114.00 a month give or take a few cents.  We prayed that if this was God's will for us to have a new washer and dryer (we have never owned a set that is new) that He make it so obvious.   One of our cheques came in the mail yesterday, that Canadians recieve monthly for their children from the gov't..a nice perk, a real blessing for us since we live on my husbands part time employment.  In July we knew it would either go up, or down.  It went up... 114.00.  Exactically the amount we needed.  If God was any more obvious that this was something He wanted for us, He would have delivered them to the door Himself. 

God is so good, He makes me laugh in amazement. He is just that good.  I dont call this a coincidence, I call this a divine moment.  God proved to us His faithfulness because we have been doing our best to prove our faithfulness to Him. 

And as I continue to hunt for 1000 gifts, I put this at the top....

141-  a new washer and dryer, God proving Himself faithful over and over and over.
142-  Mother in laws coming over to bake
143-  children having bicycle accidents, fat lips and noses, healing and Gods good amazing grace
144-  realizing our two year old has a hand gesture for every super hero he knows. 
145-  playing trucks with sons- trucks pretending to be sharks pretending to be green dolphins...
146-  rainbows in fishtanks discovered
147- a security gaurd in our neighbourhood that does his best to keep the neighbourhood safe
148- discovering answered prayers of friends searching for Him
149- stirrings in my heart from God, conversations started by Him
150- watermellow pizza's with banana "pepperoni"
151- air conditioners that do really work after all
152- the laundry pile shrinking.
153- RAIN- GLORIOUS RAIN after weeks of none!!!!!!!!
154- the bubbles at the tips of a wave
155- a rocky, bumpy hill that is a huge mountain for our two year old, an adventure right outside our door
156- our two year olds HUGE excitement over the new Amazing Spiderman Trailor (oh boy it was funny)
157- serving my household joyfully
158- The stone rolled away..
Jesus is ALIVE
159- hideous mustashes on husbands... his sense of humor and fun
160- dollar store crafts that bring happiness to the children (mommy and daddy too!)

161- xray machines

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  1. What a blessing! I am also dryerless for now. We recently moved and the new house has only gas hook-ups for the dryer and wouldn't you know my dryer is electric LOL. So I take joy in hanging my laundry on the line and listening to the wind whistle as it blows through it. It's almost like it sings to me :) Still praying for a dryer though ;) wouldn't want too much of a good thing.