Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our clothes will smell like joy

Our dryer broke.  All the childrens summer clothes drenched out of the washer due to a lazy spin cycle.  I sigh in frustration, "Seriously Lord? Today? I havent been caught up on laundry in years.  Seriously...what on earth is this going to teach me?  We have been through so many washers and dryers, you have always provided bu seriously... today?!"  I try turning it on like five more times. Maybe if I turn the dial this way...what if I kick the stinkin thing?  How bout now? does it work now?

Its in that moment I have to remember that this is not the end of the world.  Oh how it felt like that in that moment though.  Online on every rent-to-own site, kijiji and craigslist, sears, panic! Oh how will we ever survive without a dryer?  There is not nearly enough money in our household for a new dryer.  Oh well... I guess I will have to hang it all outside in the beautiful nature God has provided for us which I am always craving to get out into and just adore!... I sound like Eyore, Im not joyous or thankful in this moment.  Do you know how tired my arms get hanging up clothes!!!! (seriously I need to exercise).  A friend of mine comments on my dryer crisis on facebook and says she hasnt had a dryer in years and they are doing just fine.  God points out to me that not everyone has washers or dryers, or money and their clothes get cleaned.  I roll my eyes at His comment and laugh.  I get it, but I dont want too. *sulking* LOL
I take the clothes and head upstairs.  I look in my yarn box for some yarn I can use to make makeshift clotheslines outside on our deck.  I begin to pull on the yarn, lines go up, clothes are going to get dried.

I feel some accomplishment in this moment.

Our landlord comes and notifies us it all has to come down because the workers were here to put the rainspouts on the house..

Do I feel this moment was all an epic fail?  Sorta.  It comes down with me clenching my jaw.  This is highly inconvienient.

It goes back up after they leave. 

The rain falls.

It goes back in the basket.  "Its gonna start to smell, and Im going to have to wash it all again."  I complain to my husband.  He laughs at my tantrum and tries to cheer me up.   

The sun shines and I rush outside "this time I'll get you suckers dry. My children will have clean shorts for tomorrow." 
I hang it back up again the wind is blowing perfect for laundry, "God has set the wind on super fast drying time for me"   Thankyou Lord.  Thankyou Jesus for the wind.  For your Spirit guiding this moment.  I inhale the perfect wind. I embrace this moment and I finally find the joy in all this, this wind blowing through the weaves so perfectly, it will be dried in no time.  It will smell like the wind, our clothes will smell like joy.   

God showed me in this moment, when I finally relaxed and was still in the moment, and waited on Him, that even laundry can bring glory to Him, the one chore I hate doing, and can be done joyfully.  And Im beyond okay with that. 

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