Monday, July 4, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts #71-92

----(#86 )----
God, you are so worthy of praise.  This week I watched God move in people's hearts in a way that was so awesome, so authentic, so Him.  I felt the shift in them, I praise Him for it,  this gift this week surpasses them all.  Thank You Jesus for your Hope, thank You Jesus for Your power, Your comforting, Your promises, the fact that You dont hide from people when they call out to You.  Thankyou so much Jesus.  Thank You for answered prayer.  You are so worthy of our praises.  All week, everyday.  

#71-  Mother/Daughter talks indepth and educational
#72-  prayer
#73- sunlight patches on lawns between tree's
#74- "come be new with me" moments in Christ
#75- temper tantrums, praise God for emotion.
#76- journeys to the park with friends that havent been seen in a while
#77- report cards
#78- mopped floors
#79- spilt juice on freshly cleaned mopped floors
#80- hillarious revelations from God
#81- end of school year party
#82- date night with hubby- Transformers 3.  Long awaited by hubby (and me haha)
#83- soaking in the presence of God constantly, trying to be aware, time slows
#84- bubble baths
#85- Canada Day with family
#86- Baby Canadian Geese
#87- Tree climbing
#88- Water pooling on leaves of hostas
#89- new parks to explore
#90- sparklers and fireworks in the community
 #91- fireflies
#92- watching God move into peoples lives you've been praying for.  He's so worthy of our praise


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog today and for your kind words. Your blog is lovely and I am glad I stopped by to read your beautiful list. ~Theresa

  2. Clicked over from Ann's and I've never thought of temper tantrums as something I'm thankful for, but you know what? You are so right!

    Have a great 4th.