Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two week Homeschool trial

The yearning to do homeschooling has really not left.  My husbands yearning to not do homeschooling has not left.  Its been not a battle, but more a "well what do we do?" for the both of us.

So we have decided that we will do a two week trial period.  I came across Head of the Class, a free online homeschooling cirriculum, that looks really engaging and hopefully will help us decided if homeschooling will be right for us. 

While we are not sure if we want to spend a lot of time online, this is free, and therefore we are not spending money on cirriculum if we decide not to do it,  or decide to take a different approach.

Without a printer for the next few weeks, I know the trial period may cause me to have some later nights preparing for the next day than it will when we pick up a printer.  But I know that with God's strength I will be able to do it. 

Already I can feel the emotions spin as I get excited and determined to do it, then a bit later, lazyness sets in, then ofcourse the enemy starts putting those thoughts in my head "you arent going to be able to even get through the next two days..forget it, go play on facebook."

But all it takes is for me to re-align my thoughts with His and I feel strength again. 

Lord Jesus, I know you have given me Your Spirit to help strengthen me.  I cannot do things on my own strength, I need Yours, and I thank You that You have freely given it to me.  I will be pulling on it constantly and I know You do not mind.  You will send me wisdom and understanding (proverbs 2:6) and I want to be with You in all these things You have prepared for our children.  That Your will would be done in their lives, in my life and my husbands life and that even in the times it gets rocky we will stand firm in Your promises.  That no matter what is happening we would give thanks.  ~Amen 

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